2015-2016 Sanctioned Events

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Host SchoolCityDatesEventComments
Out of State
McGill-Toolen Catholic SchoolMobile, ALSeptember 4-5, 2015Bell Plantation Dirty Dozen Invitational
Mosley High SchoolLynn Haven, FLSeptember 19, 2015Panhandle Varsity Classic
Oak Ridge High SchoolOak Ridge, TNAugust 21-22, 2015Early Bird Volleyball Tournament
Red Bank and Ooltewah High SchoolChattanooga, TNSeptember 4-6, 2015Choo-Choo Classic
Spain Park High SchoolBirmingham, ALOctober 2-3, 2015Dig in the Park
Host SchoolCityDatesEventComments
Alcovy High SchoolCovingtonNovember 21, 2015Alcovy JV Tiger Clash
Alcovy High SchoolCovingtonJanuary 22-23, 2016East Metro Varsity Tournament
Archer High SchoolLawrencevilleNovember 14, 2015Archer JV Tournament
Archer High SchoolLawrencevilleDecember 28-29, 2015Takedown Sports Invitational
Archer High SchoolLawrencevilleNovember 28, 2015Defense Soap Duals
Bowdon High SchoolBowdonJanuary 19, 2016Carroll Carroll Duals
Bowdon High SchoolBowdonJanuary 22-23, 2016Bowdon Invitational
Brookwood High SchoolSnellvilleNovember 24, 2015Bronco Classic
Brookwood High SchoolSnellvilleJanuary 22-23, 2016North Metro Traditional
Buford High SchoolBufordNovember 21, 2015Buford Duals
Cairo High SchoolCairoJanuary 23, 2016Syrupmaker Invitational
Calhoun High SchoolCalhounJanuary 2, 2016Calhoun New Year's Duals
Centennial High SchoolRoswellNovember 21, 2015Knights Classic
Central High SchoolCarrolltonDecember 11-12, 2015CRWA Varsity Traditional Tournament
Central High SchoolCarrolltonDecember 12, 2015CRWA Junior Varsity Traditional Tournament
Central High SchoolCarrolltonNovember 21, 2015JC Ferrell Memorial Duals
Cherokee High SchoolCantonNovember 21, 2015Cherokee Varsity Dual Tournaments
Cherokee High SchoolCantonNovember 28, 2015JV Scramble
Cherokee High SchoolCantonJanuary 16, 2016JV Scramble
Clarke Central High SchoolAthensJanuary 2, 2016Gladiator Duals
Coahulla Creek High SchoolDaltonNovember 24, 2015Coahulla Creek Duals
Coahulla Creek High SchoolDaltonDecember 21, 2015Coahulla JV Invitational
Coahulla Creek High SchoolDaltonJanuary 22, 2016Conasauga Cup
Collins Hill High SchoolSuwaneeNovember 21, 2015Defense Duals
Collins Hill High SchoolSuwaneeDecember 5, 2015JV Eagle Duals
Collins Hill High SchoolSuwaneeDecember 23, 2015Kyle Maynard Duals
Collins Hill High SchoolSuwaneeJanuary 22-23, 2015King of the Hill
Colquitt County High SchoolNorman ParkNovember 24, 2015Packer Duals
Columbus High SchoolColumbusJanuary 23, 2016City Wrestling Championship
Creekview High SchoolCantonDecember 11-12, 2015Creekview Invitational
Dalton High SchoolDaltonFebruary 12, 2016Carpet Classic Invitational
Darlington SchoolRomeJanuary 23, 2016Darlington Classic
Dawson County High SchoolDawsonvilleDecember 21-22, 2015Amicalola Classic
Dutchtown High SchoolHamptonNovember 24, 2015JV South Metro
East Laurens High SchoolEast DublinNovember 21, 2015Falcon Big 20
Effingham County High SchoolSpringfieldDecember 11-12, 2015Rebel Invitational
Effingham County High SchoolSpringfieldNovember 21, 2015Buddy Duals
Elbert County Comp High SchoolElbertonNovember 24, 2015JV Inferno Invitational
Elbert County Comp High SchoolElbertonDecember 19, 2015Granite City Duals
Elbert County Comp High SchoolElbertonJanuary 23, 2016Inferno Invitational
Etowah High SchoolWoodstockNovember 24, 2015Eagle Duals
Fitzgerald High SchoolFitzgeraldDecember 18-19, 2015Fitzgerald Invitational
Forest Park High SchoolForest ParkNovember 13-14, 2015Panther Duals
Forest Park High SchoolForest ParkDecember 11-12, 2015JV Panther Invitational
Grayson High SchoolLoganvilleNovember 14, 2015Grayson Junior Varsity Duals