2019 GHSA Football Camp Waiver Instructions

Summer Camps must be in compliance with all requirements and director must submit documents demonstrating compliance.


  • A minimum of four (4) teams must be present at all times. If a team withdraws or doesn’t attend, shoulder pads are not allowed.  Shoulder Pad usage with only one team is an illegal practice. 


  • List all school teams attending the camp.  Submit name of each Head Coach and his cell phone number. 
    • Changes to camp roster (List of teams) MUST be reported to Kevin Giddens @ the GHSA. kevin@ghsa.net  706-647-7473, x 25 or cell # 229-529-4410.
    • Submit number of days each school team will be attending this camp.


  • No school team may attend more than three (3) Summer Contact Camps (maximum total of 6   days).  All Football players must have five (5) days acclimatization prior to their first camp of the summer.
    • If a camp is held before the Dead Week, all football players must have an additional two (2) days acclimatization before attending any camp after the Dead Week.
    • Teams not attending a camp prior to the Dead Week must meet the five (5) day acclimatization requirement before attending their initial camp. 


  • Team camps during the Dead Week are strictly prohibited.


  • No camps are allowed after July 24.


  • Girdle pads, knee pads, thigh pads may not be worn by football players.
    • If compression shorts are worn, no pads may be made into the garments, or stuck beneath the garment.


  • “Thud” contact is allowed.  No “Full Live Action” is allowed.
    • No player may be intentionally taken to the ground. A quick whistle is demanded.
    • “Thud” contact is not allowed for more than two (2) consecutive days; no more than 45 minutes per day and no more than 135 minutes per week for an individual player. 
    • “Control, Bag and Air” are not limited.  See GHSA definitions for these activities (Page 70, Section 5, Football, D-3 a). 
    • School teams attending out of state camps MUST comply with all GHSA contact regulations.


  • All GHSA Heat and Humidity Policies (p38-39) and severe weather policies must be followed.  (By- Law 2.67). 
    • Trainers must take Wet Bulb Globe Temperature readings at required intervals.


  • The school/organization seeking a waiver must provide the following:
    • A schedule of camp activities with a specific description of the nature of the drills and the time of day/duration of the drills; show times of “Thud” activity.
    • A specific accounting of medical staff supervising these activities.
    • A list of coaches supervising the activities at the camp.
    • Documentation regarding insurance coverage on the participants.
    • The Application Form (link below) must be sent to Kevin Giddens at kevin@ghsa.net in the GHSA Office, and if approved by GHSA Executive Director Robin Hines, a written response will be sent  to applicant.


GHSA Football Summer Camp Application Form


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