Basketball Weekly 'Blast' for Dec. 2

Please ensure your membership receives the information in these “Weekly Blasts” throughout the season in an effort to consistently address the issues observed during GHSA games.

  1. CALLING FOULS – Do not “go back in time” to retroactively assess a foul/violation.  A foul/violation either happens as it takes place, but certainly not two possessions after the fact. In no way, does this fall into the “correctable error” category. Decisions based on the legality of play must be made at the time the action takes place.
  1. TEAM WARM-UP PERIODS – Crews working double-headers shall have one member of the crew remain on the court between games to observe team activity as well as uniform issues. Crew members may rotate the observation during the warm-ups, but a minimum of one crew member must be present.
  2. EVALUATIONS – Submit your “evaluation requests” for holiday events to Andy Cowart ( ASAP. He will be making evaluation assignments this week.
  3. GAME BALL – During the regular-season, and through the first three rounds of the playoffs, the home team shall select the game ball, as long as it is an NFHS/GHSA approved ball.  The new Wilson EVO NXT ball will be used during the semifinal and final state tournament games.
  4. GAME SHORTS – While it is now legal to “roll” the game shorts, it is not legal for the drawstring to hang outside the shorts, nor to have more than one visible manufacturer’s logo. Please address this with coaches and team captains during the pre-game meetings.
  5. GAME REPORTS – Make sure the “Game Reports” include the name of coaches, and name and number of players, when they are submitted for unsporting acts. Game Reports for ejections are to be submitted not more than 24-hours of the incident.

Thank you for all you do for the GHSA and our member school.

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