Basketball Weekly 'Blast' for Jan. 6

Please ensure your membership receives the information in these “Weekly Blasts” throughout the season in an effort to consistently address the issues observed during GHSA games.

  1. GAME REPORTS – Make sure the “Game Reports” include the name of coaches, and name and number of players, when they are submitted for unsporting acts. Game Reports for ejections are to be submitted not more than 24-hours of the incident.
  2. SPECTATOR/FAN INTERACTION – Refrain from any interaction (positive or negative) with spectators.  It is a “no win” situation.  If it is a positive interaction it appears to show bias.  If it is negative it appears to be confrontational. When the potential for confrontation exists get Game Management involved. It is the responsibility of the host school Game Manager to remove unruly spectators, regardless of who they may be.
  3. PRE-GAME WARMUPS – “Dunking” during warmups does NOT require a warning and coaches and the official scorer should be notified as soon as the action is observed.
  4. PROFANITY – While coaches are most definitely not allowed to use profanity toward an official they are also not allowed to direct profanity at opposing player and coaches, and also not their own players. No participant is allowed to use profanity, regardless of whom it is directed at.
  5. FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT & POST PLAY – These two items are points of emphasis and must be called early in the game to ensure a good flow of the game. Get the hands off the ball handler and don’t allow post play to become a wrestling match. Call the obvious!
  6. LANYARDS & WHISTLES – While lanyards are optional, if you opt not to use one with your whistle, you must have the whistle in your mouth during all live play.
  7. FREE THROW ADMINISTRATION – “Every official” on the court has responsibilities during the administration of free throws and shall have their whistle in their mouth.  Additionally, high school mechanics require all officials to be in their respective positions as if the ball was being played in the front court. The “trail” shall NOT position themself at the division line during the first of multiple free throws.
  8.  GAME SCHEDULES – During the regular season most week night games are scheduled as doubleheaders.  If the first game of the doubleheader ends earlier than the required 15-minute warmup period, the host school Game Management may determine to start the second game as the listed game time.  Adversely, if the first game finishes well in advance of listed starting time for the second game both coaches may agree to starts soon as the 15-minute warmup period ends.
  9. UNIFORMS – While we don’t want to be seen as the “uniform police”, by rule it is our responsibility to address uniform violations.  As is true with violations and fouls, if you address it early you won’t have to at the end of the game when there is more attention drawn to it.

Thank you for all you do for the GHSA and our member schools. Be aware that we are now in the meat of region play.  Give your best effort at all times.

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