GHSA Preparticipation Physical Evaluation Forms

Effective August 1, 2019 GHSA has adopted the newest version of the Pre-Participation Exam, 5th edition created by the American Academy of Pediatrics and 5 other associations including the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Athletic Trainers Association.

The 2019 edition replaces all previous editions in use including the most recent 2010 edition currently in use. The new version has added mental health questions as well as more questions about cardiac health and new orthopedic screenings.

This GHSA pre-participation exam form is the only one that will be allowed for the student’s exam (no other formats will be accepted).

We recognize that there will be a delay in getting past editions removed from the school website as well as all individual sports webpages. GHSA is communicating with all members schools as well as district or county ADs and administrations, we are sending this same message to the Georgia Athletic Trainers Association (GATA) and the Georgia Association of School Nurses (GASN). We ask that each school communicate with middle schools, team physicians and local healthcare facilities.

We recognize this is going to take time to get rid of old editions. We encourage the changeover to start immediately. However, because there may be 2010 versions already in circulation, those will be accepted through the end of 2019.  Then, starting January 1 2020, only the 2019 version will be accepted.

Preparticipation Physical History and Evaluation Form

Preparticipation Physical History and Evaluation Form (Spanish)

Preparticipation Physical History Supplement - Athletes with Disabilities



From Page 15 of the Constitution and By-Laws states:                                        

1.40       LIMITS OF PARTICIPATION                                                                                                                                                

1.41       Students must have a certificate of an annual physical examination on file at the school prior to participating in any athletic try-outs, practices, voluntary workouts or games that indicate the students are physically approved for participation.

(a)          Physical examinations will be good for twelve (12) months from the date of the exam. EXCEPTION: Any physical examination taken on or after April 1 in the preceding year will be accepted for the entire next GHSA school year.

(b)          The physical exam must be conducted by a licensed medical physician, doctor of Osteopathic medicine, nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant.

(c)          The exam must be signed by an M.D., D.O., or by a Physician’s Assistant, or an Advance Practice Nurse who has been delegated that task by an M.D., or D.O.

(d)          The GHSA requires that member schools use the latest edition of the preparticipation physical evaluation form approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics, et. al., found on the GHSA web site.