GoFan Digital Ticketing for Football Playoffs

Digital ticket sales will be made available through GoFan for all GHSA football games. Acknowledging unique capacity limitations, please see the timeline below for digital ticket distribution. 

Monday at 10:00 AM - School-Specific Pre-Sale Tickets

Each school (home and away) will receive an email with a custom link from GoFan allotting 50% of the digital tickets available for sale at each site. Schools will manage the distribution of these links to assure parents and prioritized groups have first access to ticket sales. 

        For current GoFan schools - Events will be loaded based on your regular season capacity

        For schools not using GoFan - 500 digital tickets will be made available (250 home & 250 visitors)

Wednesday at 12:00 PM - Live Ticket Sales for Unsold Tickets

Any unsold tickets will be made available to the general public Wednesday at noon and available for sale on a first come, first serve basis. 

Adjusting Capacities: We recognize capacity limitations continue to fluctuate across the states. If you wish to increase (or decrease) your allotted capacities, please contact GoFan at playoffs@gofan.co

Ticket Sales Payment: Digital ticket sales will be paid to the host school the week following the event.

Cash Ticket Sales: School that desire to sell remaining tickets at the gate will be permitted. 

Please see the GoFan training materials below to familiarize yourself with GoFan. For additional training, please contact GoFan at playoffs@gofan.co 

GoFan Training Materials

Update Total Capacity Limit (Article)

How to Validate Tickets

How Fans Buy Tickets

How Fans Access and Share Tickets

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