New Course Restrictions in Carrollton!

The State Cross Country Course will be open for preview THURSDAY and FRIDAY (Nov. 4 & 5) during assigned times, but with some specific requirements to which all teams and coaches must adhere. The restrictions are in place to protect the integrity of the course for the next two days of competition. The rain presents specific challenges, and if you wish to preview the course, we ask you follow these guidelines or we will have to close the course.

1. We are limiting the course preview to "WALKING" the course only. Please do not run on the course and do not wear spikes at all for any reason.
2. Please stay off “Separation Slope.” Do not go up that part of the course at all. We are putting a saw horse in place. You may walk up on any part of the hill, but not where athletes will run.
3. Carrollton will have the greenbelt available for you to get a run in or our football practice field is available for jogging.
4. Lastly, do not set up your tent across the street in the tennis parking lot area/grass for any reason. It creates confusion for our gate workers in deciding whether or not those athletes are spectators or competitors.

Please note that we may make further adjustments to protect the course from any damage. The games committee will reconvene Thursday at 12:00 to finalize our stance. We could decide to shut down the course completely.

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