New On-Line Rules Clinic for All CC Coaches

There will be an On-Line Rules Clinic for Cross Country beginning this school year (2018-2019).  This is brand new and all coaches listed as Cross Country coaches will be required to take the on-line rules clinic.  Please share this information with anyone that you deem necessary to assist in spreading the word. The Cross Country On-Line Rules Clinic will be available July 16 through August 5, 2018 and can be accessed at   

If you have any questions or concern, please feel free to contact Kevin Giddens.


Kevin Giddens
Associate Director
Georgia High School Association
151 South Bethel Street
Post Office Box 271
Thomaston, Georgia 30286
706-647-7473, Ext #25
Cell: 229-529-4410
FAX: 706-647-2638

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