Officials Associations

Officials’ associations are voluntary associations of “independent contractors”, who are allowed to officiate GHSA competition. Officials’ associations are established, and approved as needs are determined, by the GHSA Executive Director. The Executive Director, at his/her discretion, approves additional associations or removes their GHSA charter.

  1. Associations and their membership shall adhere to the rules and authority of the GHSA, as specified in the GHSA By-Laws.
  2. Associations shall require their membership to register with the GHSA Office and comply with all requirements of the GHSA Policies and Procedures guidelines outlined in the “Contest Officials Handbook and Accountability Program”.
  3. Associations are required to comply with all reporting procedures and deadlines.
  4. Associations are expected to function within the outline of their Constitution and By-Laws. Failure to do so will result in the GHSA Office mediating disputes there in and issuing penalties.


List of Association Contacts