Officials Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

Officials shall possess thorough knowledge of the rules of the game and understand the spirit and intent in which the rules are written.
Officials shall display a high level of integrity by administering each contest in an impartial, ethical and fair manner without compromising the assigned duties of an official.
Officials shall display a spirit of cooperation with the decisions and directions implemented by the GHSA Office, and work with fellow officials in a spirit of harmony.
Officials shall conduct themselves in a professional manner when interacting with coaches, players, game management, colleagues, and the public.
Officials shall present themselves both physically and mentally in a manner consistent with the high standards required in sports officiating.
Officials shall fulfill all the contractual obligations outlined when accepting officiating assignments.
Officials shall administer each contest in a manner consistent with maintaining a safe environment for competing student-athletes.
Officials shall continue to develop an acceptable level of competency through participation in the required training and educational programs sanctioned by the GHSA and their respective local association.
Officials shall uphold the By-laws, Constitution, and Policies and Procedures of the GHSA.

Officials shall not use his/her position as a GHSA Contest Official for private gain, exclusive of the payment of contest fees.
Officials are not allowed to circumvent GHSA Policies & Procedures when making decisions related to GHSA sanctioned events.
Officials shall not seek to influence a coach or administrator for the purpose of promoting personal officiating opportunities.
Officials shall not accept assignment to a school where he/she is currently employed, has relatives enrolled or employed at, or has attended in the previous 10 years.
Officials shall not publicly criticize fellow officials, coaches, administrators, or players.
Officials shall not engage in criminal, dishonest, disgraceful, or immoral conduct that jeopardizes the integrity of officiating or the GHSA.
Officials shall not engage in any behavior that can be considered sexual harassment by a reasonable person.
Officials shall not consume/ingest any substance prior to the assigned contest that may impair his/her physical or mental abilities.

In the event of violations of the GHSA Code of Ethics and/or Standards of Conduct, the Executive Director has the authority to invoke penalties, including but not limited to, monetary fines, probation, and/or suspension. Individuals receiving penalties from the GHSA Office have the right to appeal their case before the Officials Advisory Committee.