Overview of Esports Platform & Schedule

PLAYVS IS THE OFFICIAL HIGH SCHOOL ESPORTS PLATFORM We provide a robust online platform that enables schools to easily build and manage teams, check schedules, and track stats, all with real-time support.  Read compete overview

League Structure
There will be two seasons each school year:
Fall - October to January
Spring - February to May

Matches are played on a weekly basis and consist of a set number of games.

League of Legends - Tuesdays
Two consecutive games (best-of-two)

SMITE Thursdays
Two consecutive games  (best-of-two)

Rocket League Thursdays
Up to five consecutive games (best-of-five)


Spring 2020 Schedule

Each season is divided into 3 different phases.

Spring Registration Deadline:

Preseason Practice on the PlayVS platform.
Week A: 02/03/2020        
Week B: 02/10/2020

Regular Season Each team's record determines the standings for entering the Playoffs Season.

Week 1: 02/17/2020
Week 2: 02/24/2020
Week 3: 03/02/2020
Week 4: 03/09/2020
Week 5: 03/16/2020
Week 6: 03/23/2020
Week 7: 03/30/2020
Week 8: 04/06/2020
Week 9: 04/13/2020

Playoffs Season The top teams play in a single-elimination bracket until the finalists are determined.
Playoffs: April and May 2020
Championships: May 2020

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