Process for Becoming a Community Coach (School Year 2009-2010)



    The GHSA requires that all community coaches complete the Sport First Aid and the Principles for Coaching exams within three (3) months of their class date. Prospective coaches are not allowed to coach until both exams have been successfully completed.

  • All community coaches are required to meet all policies and regulations in accordance with the GHSA Constitution and By-Laws. The GHSA strongly recommends all community coach prospects be 21 years of age or older.

  • Upon agreement with the school Principal an application form is to be filed on your behalf with proper payment of fees (a school check). A background check is required and MUST be completed before the application is submitted to the GHSA office. This background check is the school’s responsibility and must adhere to their policies. The registration form MUST be signed and dated indicating the background check is complete and acceptable or the registration form will be returned to the school.

  • All GHSA CEP registration forms must be in the GHSA office before the close of business on the deadline date. Exceptions or extensions will not be granted. Please do not ask!

  • Shifts in dates and/or sites are not permitted and will not be made by the GHSA office. The only modification available is to re-schedule you into the next series of course offerings. This must be done with the approval of the school Principal and submitted to the GHSA, in writing, by the school principal or Athletic Director.

  • Community coaches must arrive on time for their scheduled classes. If you arrive 15 or more minutes late for your scheduled class you will not be allowed into the class. You will have to reschedule to take a class in the next class offering.

  • A legible complete mailing address is essential on the application form. After the registration application is processed, specific information about the site of the courses will be sent directly to you along with your “Ticket of Admission” for each class. You are not permitted to enter the class without this ticket and without your name being on the class roster. The program consists of a “Sport First Aid” course (4-hour class) and a “Principles for Coaching” course (8-hour class).

  • A passing grade of 80% or more is required for two (2) exams BEFORE a community coach is allowed to assume any coaching duties. A school allowing a community coach to coach before this time is subject to a fine and other penalties.

  • For completing the “Principles for Coaching” exam, use the answer sheet provided with your class materials. After completing the answer sheet mail it to the GHSA address provided on the answer sheet. It will take approximately 7+ days before your “Principles for Coaching” certificate is mailed to you. If a prospective coach does not pass the examination, he/she and the school will receive notification. After receiving the re-testing fee of $25 (school system check or money order ONLY) the re-take exam will be mailed to the coach. The prospective coach is required to retake the exam until a passing grade is achieved.

  • For completing the “Sport First Aid” exam, follow the directions sent with the exam packet from ASEP. This exam can be completed on-line at or you can manually complete the answer sheet and mail it to the ASEP address provided. If taking the Sport First Aid exam online, your exam will be graded immediately. If you manually complete your exam and mail it to ASEP for grading, then ASEP will mail your test score directly to you. If you do not pass the Sport First Aid exam, follow ASEP instructions for re-testing.

  • Community coaches who have fully completed the GHSA Principles for Coaching will receive a certificate of completion, and the school will receive letters of verification. You should provide your school copies of this certificate for their files. Your original certificate should be kept for future reference in the event you change schools or sports activities.

  • Community coaches who have fully completed the ASEP Sport First Aid exam online can print a certificate of completion by clicking on the printer icon beside your test score. You can check your Sport First Aid test score at and print your certificate of completion on this website. On the home page, click on “Check Test Results” and enter your ID (Social Security number) to access your score. Be sure to provide your school a copy of your certificate. Keep your original certificate for future reference in the event you change schools or sports activities.

  • Please understand that tests are not graded “on demand”. You should have ample time to attend your course classes and complete both exams before you are needed to coach. Please remember the 90-day time limit on completing both exams.

  • After you have become certified to coach, the school is responsible for sending an updated community coach list to the GHSA (Supplemental Coaching Form) adding your name. Please be sure your school submits this information to the GHSA office.

  • All community coaches MUST attend a regular GHSA Rules Clinic in the sport(s) they coach as required of others on the staff, or the school will be fined.

  • Special attention must be paid to rules dealing with out of season coaching and illegal practices.

  • A community coach may not assume coaching duties until fully approved.

  • Community coaches may not coach out of season with any community team that has one or more students from the GHSA member school at which that person coaches on that team.


Printing an ASEP Course Completion Certificate

  1. Go to the ASEP website at

  2. Click on the "National Coaches Registry" link located in the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen.

  3. Choose "View My Transcript". This link is located on the page as well as in the navigation bar on the left hand side of the screen

  4. On the next screen you will either "Sign-In", if you have previously registered with the website, or you will need to "Register" and create a user account on the website.

  5. Your transcript will appear on the next screen. In the course record, the name(s) of all ASEP courses completed will be displayed. To the right of the date-completed field is a printer icon. By selecting the printer icon, a course completion certificate will be created and set to print. The certificate must be printed as it cannot be saved.