Directors Desk

The following are articles written by the GHSA Executive Director

"History of GHSA" Contains Some Surprising Facts

As part of an Employee Handbook we are working on in the GHSA office, I recently gave Media Director Steve Figueroa the task of compiling a brief history of the GHSA. Using numerous published resources, he came up with some interesting facts about our organization.

For example, did you know that the GHSA was headquarted in Athens for the first few years? Only after Sam Burke was hired did the office move to its present location of Thomaston.

Reclassification Process Still Far From Finish Line

The Georgia High School Association’s Executive Committee approved a reclassification plan for its 451 member schools on Monday, August 17, 2015 at its regularly scheduled meeting in Macon. The Committee’s action puts in place the frame work for distribution of schools for the next four years (2016-2020).

Here are the basic components of the plan:

GHSA’s Sports Medicine Advisory Committee Re-Energized

Some years ago, the Executive Committee of the Georgia High School Association authorized the formation of a Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC). In the years since, this Committee has been at times active and regrettably inactive. Leading into the fall of 2014, the GHSA renewed its emphasis on the importance of the SMAC and the role it can play in the safety of all athletes. The Committee redefined its mission as well:

How Does Your School Define the Word ‘Success?’

Often times in our complex society, we seek to use the spoken word and or phrases to define terms that may be in conflict with the written word. Different groups and individuals choose to use differing descriptions for the same word or phrase.

One such word that carries multiple definitions is the word “SUCCESS.” As the winter competitive seasons draw to a close, perhaps we should explore the word “SUCCESS” and the phrase “SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM.”

‘New Guy’ Won’t Seek Change Just for Change’s Sake

The winds of change have come to the Georgia High School Association. Subtle changes in long-term tenure began with the retirement of Joyce Kay. Mrs. Kay had been a primary fixture in the GHSA for more than 35 years.

Joyce’s retirement was followed, shortly, by the retirement of Associate Director Dennis Payne, an 11-year administrator in football and baseball.

It’s Been a Great – and Fast – 22 Years with the GHSA

Twenty-two years: seems like a lifetime; seems like just a moment. This will be the last article I write for the GHSA newsletter before I retire, and there is so much I would like to say. It has been my good fortune to serve in the chain of Executive Directors starting with Sam Burke and going through Bill Fordham and Tommy Guillebeau. I certainly appreciate the fact that the GHSA Executive Committee was willing to hire a relatively unknown person to the staff in 1992, and I really am grateful that they allowed me to serve as Executive Director for the past 12 years.

Validation is Gratifying

It is pleasing when you hear someone who is a recognized authority on a subject communicate messages that you have been communicating.

Gary Phillips and I experienced such a situation at the recent Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation Speaker Series. This event was entitled, “Making Play Safe for Kids,” and a panel of recognized experts spent several hours discussing topics that were relevant to the work of the GHSA.