Lay Coach Certification

The new schedule of classes for the 2015-2016 school year was emailed to every GHSA member school on March 17, 2015. 


The Coaches Education Program registration form is not available online.  Those interested in registering for this course, please talk to the Athletic Director at the school where you plan to coach.  The school will register you for the course.





2015 - 2016 Community Coach Classes

Interested in becoming a Community Coach? The Georgia High School Association offers a Community Coach Education Program that you must complete in order to be a certified Community Coach. You MUST register for this course through the school where you will be coaching. The registration form is NOT available on the GHSA website. The cost of the course is $325. This course consists of two classes: a 4-hour Sport First Aid class and an 8-hour Principles for Coaching class. At each class you will receive an exam. After successfully completing (a score of 80 or above) both exams you are then certified to coach. Coaching before this time is a violation of GHSA policy and subjects your school to a fine. 

 Please Note:

The Coaches Education Program Registration Form is not on the website. Prospective coaches must get that form from the school where he/she will coach.


Please click the links below for schedules, directions to classes, and additional information:


GHSA Schedule of Community Coach Classes for 2015-2016   


Directions to GHSA Community Coach classes


Process To Become A Community Coach