Approved 2017 GHSA Summer Padded Camps

The camps listed on the link below have been approved by GHSA for the Summer of 2017. If you are hosting or attending a camp not on this list, please contact GHSA (  or 404-502-7025) immediately. 

Please remember the following: only 45 minutes of "thud" and/or "full contact" per player, per day.  Only two consecutive days of thud and/or full contact allowed.  GHSA Heat and Severe Weather Policy must be strictly followed.  Teams can only attend three (3) summer camps, eight (8) days maximum. If all teams signed up to attend your camp back out, you cannot have a padded camp with only your team (becomes a practice). The only equipment that is added to the standard equipment of mouthpieces and helmets for camps are shoulder pads, positively no other pads including those built into compression shorts, (or anything similar). All players must have insurance and a physical on file at their respective school. 

Please contact GHSA with questions or concerns.

Click here for a complete listing of approved camps. (revised 5/31/17)

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