GHSA Forms

All forms are Adobe PDF format, unless otherwise noted. Adobe Reader is required to view PDF documents - a free PDF reader can be downloaded from The following information is being collected via an online form on the website, so these forms will no longer be available: Boys and Girls Cross Country Rosters Boys and Girls Golf Rosters Boys and Girls Track Entries Open Event Entry Notification - The online version of this form is ready - the contact person at each school has been sent instructions for completing this form.

Deadline Dates


(Note: Paper Form A and Form B submissions are no longer accepted - please submit online on the GHSA MIS website)

Form A (PDF)   (Word)
Form B (PDF)   (Word)
Form C (PDF)   (Word)
Form D (PDF)   (Word)
Form MT (PDF)  (Word)
Hardship Application
Hardship Application - Response From Sending School
Foreign Exchange Programs – Approved List
Withdrawal Notice
Welcome Notice


GHSA Membership Dues Invoice (2019-2020)
Sanctioned Tournaments
Region/Area Tournaments


Artificial Limbs – Approval Form
Contract - Associations Cross Play
Contract - Tournament Games
Contract - Games
Consent Form – For Coaching Employment with Multiple School Systems
Excess Team Entry
Lifetime Pass Application
Pass Gate Form
Private School - Statement of Financial Aid Compliance
Region Officers Form
Request To Coach – For Certified Teacher on Medical Leave
Request To Coach – For College Intern
School Contact Information Form
Unsatisfactory Officiating Report


NFHS Sanctioning - Please Note
NFHS Sanctioning is ONLY necessary for events that involve GHSA member schools competing with schools from other states that do not border Georgia.  For events that involve only Georgia schools and/or schools from Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, or Tennessee, please use the online GHSA Sanction Application that is available to all GHSA member school athletic directors.

Application for Sanction of Interstate Athletic Events (Online Form Provided by National Federation)


Additional Medals Order Form
Order Form for GHSA Publications (Updated June 2018)


Preparticipation Physical History and Evaluation Form

Preparticipation Physical History and Evaluation Form (Spanish)

Preparticipation Physical History Supplement - Athletes with Disabilities

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act Forms (SB60)

SB 60, Jeremy Nelson and Nick Blakely Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, requires schools to “hold an informational meeting twice per year regarding the symptoms and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest. At such informational meeting, an information sheet on sudden cardiac arrest symptoms and warning signs shall be provided to each student's parent or guardian. In addition to students, parents or guardians, coaches, and other school officials, such informational meetings may include physicians, pediatric cardiologists, and athletic trainers.”

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form (Spanish)
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Meeting Sign-In Form

Concussion Form

Student/Parent Concussion Awareness Form (2020-2021)
Student/Parent Concussion Awareness Form (Spanish) (2020-2021)



Projected Enrollment Figures for New Schools
Request To Move Up In Classification
Request To Transfer From a Region



Contract - Baseball Games
State Baseball Playoffs Financial Report
Pitch Count Report


Contract - Basketball Games
State Basketball Playoffs Financial Report - Single Game or Doubleheader with Same Teams (First, Second, and Third Round)
State Basketball Playoffs Financial Report- Doubleheader (3 teams) (First, Second, and Third Round)
Team Travel Form - Basketball
Coaches Entry Form - Basketball


Cheerleading - Declaration Form
Cheerleading - Official Contract for Cheerleading Competitions
Cheerleading - Region Competitive Cheerleading – Contestants List
Cheerleading - Region/Sectional Financial Report
Cheerleading - Withdrawal from Cheerleading Competition
Team Travel Form - Cheerleading
Team Travel Form - Game Day Cheerleading
Team Travel Form - Dance
Coaches Entry Form - Cheerleading
Report of Good Sportsmanship
Report of Unsportsmanlike Behavior


Contract - Football Games
Contract - Football Playoff Games
Football Playoff Financial Report
Football Quarterfinal Financial Report
Football Semifinals Financial Report
Football Schedule Form
Football Schedule Information
Instruction Sheet for Football Playoffs
Football Stadium Review Form


Contract - Lacrosse Matches
State Lacrosse Playoffs Financial Report
State Lacrosse Playoffs Financial Report - DoubleHeader
State Lacrosse Playoffs Financial Report - DoubleHeader - Soccer and Lacrosse
Team Travel Form - Lacrosse
Coaches Entry Form - Lacrosse


Literary Meet - Contestants List


One Act Plays - Notification of Entry


Contract - Soccer Matches
Soccer Game Cards
State Soccer Playoffs Financial Report - 1st and 2nd Rounds
State Soccer Playoffs Financial Report - DoubleHeader - 1st and 2nd Rounds
State Soccer Playoffs Financial Report - Quarterfinals and Semifinals
State Soccer Playoffs Financial Report - DoubleHeader - Quarterfinals and Semifinals
State Soccer Playoffs Financial Report - DoubleHeader - Soccer and Lacrosse
Team Travel Form - Soccer
Coaches Entry Form - Soccer


Contract - Fast Pitch Softball Games
Fast-Pitch State Softball Playoffs Financial Report
Slow-Pitch Sectionals Financial Report
Team Travel Form - Fast Pitch Softball
Coaches Entry Form - Softball


11 Dive Checklist 
6 Dive Score Sheet
11 Dive Score Sheet
Voluntary Dive List
Swimming & Diving - Instructions for Registering Entries
Coaches Entry Form - Swimming & Diving


Contract - Tennis Matches
Tennis Roster - Team Tennis - Girls
Tennis Roster - Team Tennis - Boys
Coaches Entry Form - Tennis
Tennis - Report of Region/Area Winners


Pole Vault Verification Form
Track Sectional Financial Report
Coaches Entry Form - Track & Field


State Volleyball Playoffs Financial Report - First Round - Double Header
State Volleyball Playoffs Financial Report - Second to Fourth Round
State Volleyball Championships Financial Report
Roster and Lineup Form
GHSA Score Sheet
Libero Tracking Form
Libero Tracking Form - 5 Set
Team Travel Form - Volleyball
Coaches Entry Form - Volleyball


Contract - Wrestling Matches
2019-20 Weight Management Program Handbook
2019-20 OPC Trackwestling Individual Profile - Form 1
2019-20 OPC Trackwrestling Skin Fold Assessment - Form 2
2019-20 OPC Trackwrestling Weight in Report Sample - Form 3
2019-20 OPC Trackwrestling Physician Clearance - Form 4
2019-20 OPC Trackwestling Weight Class Appeal - Form 5
Wrestling Weigh-In Q & A
Physician Release Form for Wrestler to Participate with Skin Lesion
Traditional Wresting Sectional Financial Report (Revised 2/2/2020)