ATTENTION: Important Information about Weather Issues

ATTENTION ALL COACHES: There have been several calls about potential weather delays so we are taking this opportunity to remind all coaches of the deadlines for Tennis and the GHSA’s stance on weather issues going forward.

First of all, for REGION play in Classes AA through AAAAAA, the deadline for turning in your teams that are advancing to the state tournament is end of day on Saturday, April 16. There will be NO extension for Region play past this date.  If you are not able to get the matches played by end of day on April 16, then the region must decide another way to determine the state tournament seeds. You can use regular-season results, a vote of the coaches, or whatever the region coaches agree to. But nobody will be allowed to play Region matches past April 16. Period!

For Class A, the AREA results are due in the GHSA office no later than end of day on Thursday, April 21. Again, there will be no extension of play past that date. The Area coaches can decide how to pick the teams for state if the tournament is not able to be finished. But the results are expected in the GHSA office no later than April 21.

Moving to State Play for ALL classes, please keep in mind that we have set play “windows” for each round that include at least three (3) potential playing dates before the end of the window. Do NOT wait until the last day of a “window” to schedule your match and then ask for an extension if you are rained out on that last day. You risk BOTH teams being forfeited out of the tournament if you do so!

Try to play early during the play window. Remember that the host coach does NOT have the authority to force a date or time. The date and time must be by MUTUAL agreement. If you can not come to a mutual agreement, then call the GHSA office and we will set the date and time for you. It will NOT BE ON THE FINAL DAY of a play window, that’s guaranteed!

Good luck and here’s hoping the weather will cooperate and make this notice unnecessary! Please report your results promptly so that we can keep the brackets on the GHSA web site up to date. You can e-mail results to Tennis Coordinator Steve Figueroa at or fax them to the office at 706-647-2638.

You can view the brackets by clicking the links below:

Girls Tennis Brackets

Boys Tennis Brackets

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