Basketball Weekly 'Blast' for Jan. 21


Please ensure your membership receives the information in these “Weekly Blasts” throughout the season in an effort to consistently address the issues observed during GHSA games.

  1. COVID-19 RULES MODIFICATIONS FOR GAME OFFICIALS – Game officials MUST comply with the following:
  1. Game officials shall wear a face covering or a whistle covering during the games.
  2. Game officials shall wear a face covering when addressing a coach, player, or table personnel. If using only a whistle covering officials shall not stand closer than 6-feet when addressing anyone during the game.

NOTE: We are still receiving reports of non-compliance by contest officials. Subsequent reports of violations will results in fines to the local associations. This is what it should look like:

  1. The first order of business is to meet with the host school Game Manager, and discuss all the COVID-19 Rules Modifications to ensure the safest possible event for all participants.
  2. Due to COVID-19 games are being rescheduled and sometimes cancelled.  It is critical that you communicate with the school and your partners prior to arrival at the site to ensure the game has not been changed.
  1. GAME MANAGEMENT – The game officials job is simple, manage the game within the established rules of play with an acceptable level of tolerance. That does not include directly dealing with unruly fans.  In the event that a fan or fans actions are having a negative effect on the administration of the game, it is the host school Game Administrator’s responsibility to deal with the situation. If the Game Administrator refuses to address the situation merely submit a Game Report and the GHSA Office will deal with the school.
  2. TEAMWORK – Officials should NEVER sell-out their crew members by making statements to coaches like; “I wouldn’t have made that call, or that shouldn’t have been a technical foul”.  If you don’t support each other, who will? Keep in mind a simple principle “Silence can’t be misquoted or repeated”. Additionally, make sure you have a good line of communication with your partners on the day of the game. If you are running late communicate with your partners.
  3. CORRECTABLE ERRORS – Rule 2-10 addresses the “Correctable Error” rule and there is a good diagram with the timing elements of the rule on page 19 of the NFHS Rules Book. Don’t be caught off guard when this rule needs to be applied during a game.
  4. GAME AWARENESS – One quality of all great officials is the ability to defuse a volatile situation before it escalates.  There are ways to handle this without stopping the game to issue a technical foul(s). But, if the situation rises to a level that cannot be controlled any other way, then take care of it.  Use your team leaders on the court to assist you when you feel they may be able to assist in taking care of a teammate.
  5. END OF GAME PROCEDURE – Once the game has ended, and the officials score acknowledged, get off the court. It is not your responsibility to remain on the court and explain anything to a coach.  Too often a delay to leave the confines of the court is when problems occur with unhappy spectators.
  6. REGION TOURNAMENTS – Local associations are responsible for scheduling region tournament game assignments. Keep in mind that some flexibility in scheduling is necessary this year due to COVID-19. The 2-game minimum is being waived if the local association can competently handle the assignments.  Please work with your regions to work out the scheduling of region tournament games.

Thank you for all you do for the GHSA and our member schools, but we must adhere to the COVID-19 modifications this season if we want to do all we can to ensure we complete the season.

Be safe out there.

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