Bench Decorum for Individual Schools

The GHSA Office has decided to allow for individual schools to determine bench decorum as it relates to the NFHS Volleyball Rule 3, Section 5 as outlined below:

  • Teams will have two options concerning bench areas: 1) ¬†benches are to be clearly marked with tape, chairs are not allowed in the marked bench area, and the entire team will proceed counterclockwise outside the standards when switching between sets or 2) if all teams agree, one day before the match, the bench area may be utilized as outlined in the NFHS Volleyball Rule 3 Section 5 with social distancing and teams will not switch the entire match.

    For schools wishing to split tri matches during the week (Monday-Thursday), the GHSA Office will waive the playing date restriction under the following condition:

    Note: For this year only, schools that have tri matches during the week may split the tri-match into multiple days inside the same week and still have it count one (1) playing date.

    Hope these items help your school while participating safely.  Good Luck to all!


Don Corr
Associate Director

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