Cheer and Dance Weekly 'Blast' for Sept. 23

Social Media: Before posting on your personal social media complaining about a situation you had at a cheerleading or sporting event over the weekend, please remember that you are representing your team, your school, and yourself.  If you think something was not handled properly or the set up for the competition was wrong, contact the host or the GHSA office.

Signs and Sportsmanship: Thank you so much to those coaches who have submitted pictures of signs and displays of sportsmanship! It is so great to see so many good things going on in our GHSA schools. Sometimes all we hear about is the bad stuff- this proves that there is more good going on than bad. Continue to send them to me at   You can view them at  

Dance workshop: Oct. 13, 2019. The cost is $25 and will be held at the Monroe County Fine Arts Center in Forsyth, Ga (right off I-75). Learn about NFHS rules, choreography, the GHSA invitational, etc. Please register online at

Rosters: The deadline to submit competition team rosters is Oct. 1st. Log in to and go to rosters. At this time, you will need to check All-girl or Coed.

Competition requirement: You must compete in 3 competitions to be eligible for region and state competitions. Look at the schedule online and make sure that all of your competitions are listed. If not, let me know as soon as you can. Or, you can contact the competition host to be sure they go in and update their lists.


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