Cheerleading Weekly 'Blast' for October 28

Spirit coaches

Thank you to those teams who took the time to recognize the officials at your games and competitions this week. We saw this from Sequoyah HS. So great!

We continue to post pictures from run through signs and sportsmanship from games and competitions. Most of you do a spectacular job encouraging your teams to be positive and teaching them to be positive role models for your student body.

I attend games on Friday nights and it never fails - there is a team wearing earrings. Earrings, no matter how small, are NOT allowed. NFHS Rule 3.1.

Competition coaches

The routines are so great this year! It is so much fun to watch each week and see how teams have improved from the beginning of the year. Thank you for all you do for these student-athletes to make them better each week (along with the life lessons you teach).

We had some questions about your team members taking the ACT and SAT on Saturdays. This came from 3 different competitions. We all know how important taking the SAT and ACT are to their future. There is no question that your student athletes need to take those tests. However, next year, make sure you give them the dates you plan to compete so that they can take the tests on alternate Saturdays. The hosts have tried to help you by placing you last in your division. But, keep in mind that you will be expected to perform without these athletes if they do not arrive in time.

Later this week, I will be sending out the cheerleading coaches list. Please make sure you and your staff are listed.

Good luck at the final week of regular season competitions!

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