Appendix E - Eligibility Report Instructions

Last Updated: Mon, 07/08/2024 - 10:14am



Items to which specific attention should be directed are:

  1. GHSA Eligibility Form A and Form B, instructions, and other eligibility forms are provided to all member schools on the GHSA website.
  2. The report submitted to the State Office becomes a permanent record. Care should be taken to have the information fully correct and complete. An error could seriously affect the eligibility of a student and penalize a school.
  3. Online submission certifies that all data is correct and accurate.
  4. Boys and girls may be listed on the same Form A, and more than one activity may be listed on the same Form A.
  5. Once a student has been certified eligible in a given school year, it is not necessary to re-file that student in subsequent activities unless region rules specify differently. The GHSA office maintains that once a student has been reported and declared eligible for the school year, no further report is necessary for that student during the school year UNLESS his/her eligibility has been interrupted. There is no longer any need to submit a Form B for a previously-cleared transfer student. Transfer students are never listed on a Form A.
  6. An eligibility report must be filed prior to the calendar date for the first possible practice in any activity. Supplemental filings may be made throughout the season. (EXCEPTION: Eligibility reports for Literary, One-Act Play and Riflery competitions are due twenty (20) calendar days before the first contest.)
  7. CERTIFICATE OF ELIGIBILITY (Non-Transfer Students) - FORM A
    1. All non-transfer students will be filed online on the GHSA MIS web site.
    2. NAME: List students in alphabetical order by date of entry - ninth grade (9-10-11-12). Give the full name with the last name listed first.
    3. DATE OF BIRTH: Give the month, day, and year of the student's birth. A student whose 19th birthday was prior to May 1 of the preceding school year, is over age and not eligible to participate. You will be assisting the student if you require a birth certificate to be presented to you for verification of age.
    4. DATE STUDENT ENTERED 9th GRADE: Complete the month, day, and year the student took the first 9th grade class at any school. This is not necessarily the date the student first entered your school. A student will not be eligible for participation for more than eight (8) semesters from the date the student entered the ninth grade.
    5. TOTAL UNITS EARNED PREVIOUS SEMESTER: Show the total number of units the student earned the previous semester. In order to be eligible, (beginning with the second semester of 9th grade) the student must have earned at least 2.5 units or their equivalent the semester immediately preceding participation. Place an “E” in the Units Earned column and Total Units Accumulated column for entering ninth grade students.
    6. TOTAL UNITS ACCUMULATED: Show the total number of units the student has accumulated thus far in his high school career. To be eligible, the student must accumulate units that count towards graduation as follows:
      END OF FIRST YEAR: 5 Units
      END OF SECOND YEAR: 11 Units
      END OF THIRD YEAR: 17 Units
      Students who lose eligibility for not meeting the unit requirements at the beginning of the year may regain eligibility during the school year by accumulating the units required at the end of the semester and by passing the required number of subjects the previous semester. REMINDER: Eligibility is lost or regained on the first day of the new semester.
    7. ELIGIBILITY STATUS: This column is for GHSA use only.
    1. TRANSFER STUDENTS: FORM B MUST BE ENTERED ONLINE ON THE GHSA MIS WEB SITE. If a student has transferred to your school during the past twelve (12) months after entering 9th grade (and has not been cleared previously) complete and submit a Form B for that student. If the transfer student has been in your school one full calendar year, do not file a Form B. NOTE: Transfer students who do not meet eligibility guidelines for migrant students are eligible to participate at the sub-varsity level ONLY, provided they meet academic standards.
    2. ACADEMIC DATA: This is the same information that is required for non-transfer students on Form A.
    3. YEARS ATTENDED: List all previous schools the student attended beginning with the 9th grade.
    4. ADDRESS (PRESENT/PREVIOUS): Give full street addresses and DO NOT use post office box numbers.
    5. LIVES WITH/LIVED WITH: Use the full name(s) of the parents, step-parents, guardians, etc. With blended families it is sometimes confusing when complete names are not given.
    6. DATE STUDENT ENROLLED: Be precise as to the date the student entered your school.
    7. EXCEPTIONS: Certain situations allow a student to be eligible without a bona fide change of address. See By-Law 1.60.
      FOR THE CURRENT YEAR (2023-24):

      1. A student whose birth date was prior to May 1, 2004, is over age and is not eligible.
      2. A student who entered 9th grade prior to August of 2020, has exceeded eight (8) semesters and is not eligible.
    1. STUDENTS WITH INTERRUPTED ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY: Form C must be entered online. A student gains or loses eligibility on the first day of each semester. If the student is not eligible because he has an “Incomplete” in one or more classes, or if the student is in a Credit Recovery Program at the beginning of second semester, the student has 15 school days to become eligible. That student may not practice or compete in the interim. (see By-Law 1.58). Students who have had their academic progress interrupted need to be filed on a Form C, even if their eligibility form has been submitted previously. Be certain that the relevant portions of this form are filled out completely.
      1. The upper half of the Form C is to be completed just like a Form A. The numbers in the “Units Earned Previous Semester” column and the “Total Units Accumulated” column should reflect the progress made in the 15-schoolday period.
      2. The lower half of the Form C is to be completed according to the particular issue for the student. One portion is completed if the student was making up “Incompletes,” and the other is completed if the student was involved in a “Credit Recovery Program.” If the course work is not made up in the allotted 15-school-day period for the second semester, the student is ineligible for that semester. The Principal still has the option of filing a “Hardship Application” if there are special circumstances that prevented the completion of the coursework in the 15-school-day period.
  10. MT (magnet transfer) Forms must be entered online.
  11. HS (home study transfer) Forms must be entered online. Directions may be found on the “forms” page under Resources on the GHSA web site.
  12. All hardships must be entered online with supporting documents uploaded.