Cross Country

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  1. Cross Country is a team championship sport for boys and girls for all classes, A-6A and Private.
  2. The distance for both boys and girls Cross Country will be approximately three (3) miles or five (5) kilometers.
  3. All GHSA Cross Country meets will be run in accordance with the rules as published in the National Federation Track and Field and Cross Country Rule Book with any exceptions as may be found in this section.
  4. The maximum number of competition dates in Cross Country shall be 10, exclusive of sectional and state competitions.
    1. It is permissible for coaches to use “split squads” during the regular season. However, the use of split squads will count as two (2) of that school’s maximum allowed competitions.
    2. Any meets involving eight (8) or more schools must be approved by the GHSA Executive Director in accordance with the process found in By-Law 2.64.
    3. No individual athlete may compete in more than one (1) race per day.
  5. All competitors shall have legal uniforms in compliance with GHSA and NFHS uniform rules.
  6. The use of WBGT for ALL Cross Country contests is mandated as follows:
    1. WBGT must be measured 15 minutes prior to start of contest and coaches notified.
    2. If WBGT is equal or above 86.0 F, an ice immersion tub must be present and ready for use at finish line.
    3. If WBGT is equal or above 88.0 F, A minimum of two (2) hydration stations must be placed throughout the racecourse as well as at the finish line.
  7. Beginning and ending dates for practice and competition can be found at the front of this publication.
    1. There will be no interscholastic practices in Cross Country.
    2. Athletes may run in non-GHSA events as long as they do not represent their school, do not wear the school uniform, and are not coached at the event, or transported to the event, by their high school coach (“unattached runner”).
    3. Communication through electronic devices is not allowed during competition.
    4. The State Championship course is off limits beginning August 1 of each year until all state championships are concluded (unless a GHSA sanctioned/scheduled meet is run during the regular season on the course and a school participates in the event).


  1. The initial team roster of twelve (12) runners must be submitted on MileSplit GA. 
    1. Changes to the roster may be made until the deadline established for Sectionals.
    2. No replacements may be made in the list submitted to the Sectional Meet Director.
    3. Five (5), six (6) or seven (7) of the twelve (12) athletes may compete as a team in the Sectional Meet to qualify for the State Meet. 
    4. Individuals may compete at the Sectional Meet to qualify for the State Meet. 
  2. All Sectional Meets will be held on Saturday, November 2.
    1. Twelve (12) teams in each Sectional Meet will advance to the State Meet.
    2. The first twenty (20) individual finishers from each Sectional in all classes will qualify for the State Meet regardless of whether they are a member of a qualifying team.
    3. Sectional qualifiers must be finalized by electronic submission on MileSplit GA within 48 hours of the completion of the Sectional Meet.


  1. The State Cross Country Meet for all classifications will be held at Carrollton High School on the dates indicated on the Beginning and Ending Dates table at the front of this publication. The running order may be found on the Cross Country page of the GHSA web site (
    1. There will be an admission fee posted on the GHSA web site for all spectators.
    2. Awards will be presented at the conclusion of each classification.
  2. A minimum of five (5) and a maximum of twelve (12) runners will be allowed free admission for each team that qualified. Individual qualifiers also will be admitted free. Coaches will be admitted on their GHSA coaching passes.
    1. The first five (5) finishers for each team will count for the total team score.
    2. Each team must begin and end the competition with a minimum of five (5) runners. If, for any reason, a qualifying team does not have five (5) runners, that team will not be allowed to compete in the State Meet.
    3.  Each member of a qualifying team, as well as individual qualifiers from each region, is considered to be in contention for individual honors.
    4.  Practice times and Team Instructions for the State Meet will be announced on the Cross Country page of the GHSA web site ( approximately one month prior to the State Meet.