Last Updated: Mon, 07/08/2024 - 10:13am



  1. Esports is a state championship co-ed event open to all GHSA schools in all classifications.
  2. There will be a fall season and a spring season each year, with specific dates published on the GHSA web site.
  3. GHSA will select games for GHSA championships each season, and each game’s championship will be determined by a single-elimination tournament.
  4. Each school may have multiple teams, and players may participate in multiple games. Esports Coaches must complete an annual Rules Clinic.
  5. Eligibility reports are required for all participants.
    1. Participants must be academically eligible as specified in by-law 1.50, and cannot be a migrant student as defined in by-law 1.60.
    2. Eligibility reports must be received in the GHSA office at least 20 calendar days prior to the first contest.
  6. Pre-participation physicals will not be required for GHSA Esports. 
  7. All matches and game rules will be governed by PlayVS. In addition to PlayVS rules, schools must follow GHSA by-laws, which will take precedence over PlayVS procedures. All Esports participants are reminded they must follow GHSA by-law section 1.90 concerning Amateur Status/Awards.
  8. PlayVS will specify equipment needed for competition in each game. In general, coaches should have access to the communication platform utilized by PlayVS.
  9. Sportsmanship of coaches and players will be monitored by PlayVS and the GHSA.
  10. Rosters will be managed during registration for the games with PlayVS.
  11. All practices and matches must be conducted in the physical presence of a certified coach. Students may not play GHSA Esports from home. Coaches will be required to check in for each match using the PlayVS platform
  12. Forfeitures without timely communication beforehand may be grounds for fines and/or other penalties.
  13. The State Coordinator for Esports is Tanya Anderson (