Swimming and Diving

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  1. Swimming and Diving is a classified event with four (4) state championships (classes 6A, 5A, 4A and the combined divisions of classes A-3A).
    1. Boys and girls compete for separate championships in each class.
    2. Beginning and ending dates for practice and competition can be found at the front of this publication.
    3. The maximum number of contests for swimming is ten (10) exclusive of the state meet.
    4. For divers, the maximum number of dual meet competitions is as follows:
      1. Six-dive format: ten (10) competitions AND/OR
      2. Eleven-dive format: five (5) competitions
    5. It is permissible for coaches to use “split squads” during the regular season. However, the use of split squads will count as two (2) of that school’s maximum allowed competitions.
  2. The National Federation Swimming Rules shall be the official rules for all GHSA competitions with the exception of any special regulations found in this section.
  3. In those school systems where facilities are limited and one coach is hired to coach more than one high school team, or coaches from several schools use the same facility, the gathering of these students for practice purposes will not violate GHSA regulations. Competitions between schools during these practice sessions must be avoided unless they are counted within the number of allowable contests.
  4. Each school with a participating student(s) must have a school representative present at all GHSA meets.
  5. Schools must enter team schedules, rosters and weekly game/meet results during the season on MaxPreps and be responsible for updates as needed. This information will support statewide media, event programs, broadcasts partners and GHSA Region Standings. Teams are encouraged to maintain team/individual statistics on MaxPreps.
  6. ORDER OF EVENTS: (boys events precede girls events)
    1. 200-yard Medley Relay 7. 100-yard Freestyle
    2. 200-yard Freestyle 8. 500-yard Freestyle
    3. 200-yard Individual Medley 9. 200-yard Freestyle Relay
    4. 50-yard Freestyle 10. 100-yard Backstroke
    5. 1 Meter Diving 11. 100-yard Breaststroke
    6. 100-yard Butterfly 12. 400-yard Freestyle Relay


  1. In order to participate in the State Swimming and Diving Meet:
    1. A participant must qualify at a meet governed by National Federation and GHSA rules.
    2. Qualifying times are listed at the end of this section, and entry deadlines must be met.
    3. Proof of Performance (POP) for swimming events must be verified by two GHSA coaches who are in attendance at that meet
    4. Participating schools will be required to pay $25.00 per entrant.
      1. fees are payable to Atlanta Swimming.
      2. fees are due on the first day of swimming competition.
      3. Fees not paid within one week are subject to 100% late fee.
  2. All eligible relay swimmers must be listed on the entry form. It shall not count as an entry unless the competitor actually competes in the event. Any individual listed on the entry form may swim in the prelims, swim-offs, and/or finals provided he does not exceed the permitted entry limit for the meet.
  3. Qualifying standards for the State Meet will be established by the GHSA Executive Director.
  4. A coaches’ meeting will be held at the site preceding the diving competition.
  5. Only the coaches/faculty members listed on the entry form will have access to the pool deck.
  6. Rules and Restrictions for Meet Entries:
    1. A school may enter only one (1) relay team per event.
    2. A school may not have more than four (4) entries in an event in which the contestants compete as individuals.
    3. A contestant may enter a maximum of four (4) events, no more than two (2) of which are individual events.
  7. No team points will be allowed to a swimmer or relay team if the qualifying standard for that event is not met or bettered in either the prelims or the finals. No team points will be awarded to divers if they do not equal or better the qualifying point total for six (6) dives.
  8. Reservation of seating space for spectators is not allowed.
  9. The State Diving Championships will be held Westminster High School, while the State Swimming Championships will be held at the Campus Recreation Center on the campus of the Georgia Institute of Technology on dates listed in the Beginning and Ending Dates Chart found at the front of this publication. The schedule for competition will be published on the GHSA web site (www.ghsa.net).
  10. Team championships will be determined by scoring twenty (20) places as noted in the National Federation Swimming Rule Book. The top ten (1-10) qualifiers will compete in the championship heat, and the next ten (11-20) will compete in consolation heat “B.”
  11. The lead-off 50-yard Freestyle split in the 200-yard Freestyle Relay, and the lead-off 100-yard Freestyle split in the 400-yard Freestyle Relay will be considered for State records in their respective events. NOTE: If the relay team is disqualified for any reason, the lead-off time will not count for qualifying or for a state record.
  12. Admission fee for the GHSA State Swimming and Diving Championship is $20.00 per session. Free admission will be allowed for the following:
    1. Swimmers and divers qualified and entered in the State Meet;
    2.  Coaches that are listed on the Swimming and Diving Coaches list;
    3.  Four girls and four boys designated as substitutes by the coach on the team list;
    4.  Two team attendants or trainers as listed on the team roster;
    5. Those normally allowed free admission, such as with GHSA passes, will continue to be admitted by signing the pass list.



  1. A diver may become eligible for the State Meet using a 6-dive sheet or an 11-dive sheet.
    1. 6-DIVE FORMAT: This format is slightly different than the normal 6-dive dual meet format as defined in the NFHS Rules Book. If the 6-dive format is utilized and submitted, the first dive will continue to be from the group as specified by the NFHS and in the NFHS Rules Book. The first dive will maintain its assigned degree of difficulty, unless it is more than 1.8, in which case it will receive no more than 1.8 degree of difficulty. Dives 2-6 shall be one dive from each of the five (5) groups (forward, backward, reverse, inward, and twisting). The degree of difficulty of dives 1-6 when totaled shall be equal to or greater than 11.5 for girls and 12.0 for boys. The score to be achieved must be 190 points or more for both boys and girls.
    2. 11-DIVE FORMAT: If the 11-dive format is utilized and submitted, it shall be on the official 11-dive sheet. For girls, the minimum degree of difficulty for optional dives shall be 11.5 when totaled, and the score to be achieved must be 300 points or greater. For boys, the minimum degree of difficulty for optional dives shall be 12.0 when totaled, and the score to be achieved must be 300 points or greater. NOTE: The official 11-dive Checklist as well as the 6-Dive and 11-Dive Forms can be found on the GHSA web site (www.ghsa.net).
  2. In both the 6-dive and 11-dive formats, the meet must be scored by at least, but not limited to, three (3) judges. The official dive sheet that is submitted must be completed with all necessary signatures and information provided, such as phone, and e-mail information for the coach and diver, within one (1) week of the performance.
  3. Proof of Performance:
    1. Only one Proof of Performance (POP) dive sheet per diver may be submitted by uploading it onto the GHSA web site (www.ghsa.net). The deadline date for submission may be found on a chart later in this section.
    2. If the diver’s POP is accepted and approved, the coach will be notified at the email address provided when uploading the sheet. If the POP dive sheet is in any way incorrect, the coach will be notified and one (1) additional POP may be submitted, if desired.
    3. Dive sheets with electronically generated scores will not be accepted unless submitted from www.DiveMeets.com.
  4. State Meet Dive Sheets:
    1. The format and criteria required for the state dive sheet is slightly different than that listed in Section 4 - Choice of Dives that is detailed in the current NFHS Rules Book for championship meets. Divers will compete in a 6-Dive meet format at the State Championship meet with the following requirements:
      1. One (1) voluntary dive of the diver’s choice with a maximum degree of difficulty of 1.8 followed by five (5) optional dives, one from each of the five (5) groups. The degree of difficulty of dives 1-6 when totaled shall be equal to or greater than 11.5 for girls and 12.0 for boys. The minimum score total to be achieved to earn points for the team must be 190 points or more after six (6) dives for both boys and girls.
      2. The 10 highest-scoring finishers from the preliminary event will move on to the finals and perform their six (6) dives again. Divers will be permitted to change dives, not dive order, for the finals so long as all sheet requirements are met.
      3. Scores from the preliminaries and finals will be cumulative.
    2. A diver will be automatically entered in the State Meet upon submission of the actual dive sheet on www.DiveMeets.com by the deadline and approval of the dive sheet by the GHSA.
    3. The deadline for changing a dive sheet may be found on a chart later in this section.
  5. If a school has more than four (4) divers per gender that have been deemed eligible after official approval of the POP dive sheet, the school may submit a maximum of four (4) and only four (4) dive sheets per gender by the deadline.
  6. The Meet Director for the State Diving Meet will have jurisdiction over the method of announcing the diving.
  7. If possible, the championship venue(s) shall provide two (2) hours of practice time to State Meet participants the week of the State Meet.
  8. Boys will dive first in the odd-numbered years, and girls will dive first in the even-numbered years.
  9. For questions or concerns about State Meet eligibility and procedures, contact the State Diving Coordinator, Vicky Sanchez Tuymer, (vtuymer@hotmail.com).
  10. The diving information found on the GHSA web site supersedes all other sources of information.


  1. Coaches shall submit all Proof of Performances on the Georgia High School Swimming Coaches Association (GHSSCA) web site found at www.ghssca.com. All eligible relay swimmers must be listed on the site. It shall not count as an entry unless the swimmer actually competes in the event. Detailed submission instructions are also available on the site. At the end of the dual meet season, the web site will be closed to accepting new submissions and time will be given for coaches to make their final entry decisions. The coach must make the actual entry for the swimmer to compete in the State Meet on the GHSSCA web site by 11:59 p.m., Thursday, Jan. 30, 2025.
  2. Qualifying times and Deadlines are as follows:
    1:51.00 200 yard Medley Relay 2:07.00
    1:55.00 200 yard Freestyle 2:07.00
    2:12.00 200 yard Individual Medley 2:24.00
    23.50 50 yard Freestyle 26.50
    58.00 100 yard Butterfly 1:05.00
    52.00 100 yard Freestyle 58.50
    5:20.00 500 yard Freestyle 5:40.00
    1:40.00 200 yard Freestyle Relay 1:53.00
    1:00.00 100 yard Backstroke 1:06.00
    1:07.00 100 yard Breaststroke 1:15.00
    3:44.00 400 yard Freestyle Relay 4:12.00
    Dive - POP Within 1 week of performance
    Swim - POP Within 1 week of performance
    Dive - Last POP Thursday, January 30, 11:00 pm
    Swim - Last POP Thursday, January 30, 11:00 pm
    Dive - Dive sheet for State Saturday, February 1, 4:00 pm
    Swim - Actual meet entry Thursday, January 30, 11:59 pm
    Dive - Changes on State sheet Saturday, February 1, 4:00 pm