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  1. Volleyball is organized on a Region or Area basis with seven (7) state championships. Beginning and ending dates for practice and competition can be found at the front of this publication.
  2. The National Federation Volleyball rules committee has given each state its option about the number of games that determine a match.
    1. Region/Area matches shall be best-of-three unless ALL teams in the Region/Area agree (prior to the start of the season) to play best-of-five. Championship matches in the Region/Area Tournament may be best-of-five, and all post-season play after Region/Area Tournaments shall be best-of-five.
    2. In all competitions, the deciding set shall be played to fifteen (15) points.
  3. Notification of entry in Volleyball must be filed in writing with the GHSA State Office no later than March 1, for the next school year. Schools will be assigned by the GHSA Executive Director to a region or geographic area for competition, and then will be notified of that assignment.
  4. Schools must enter team schedules, rosters and weekly game/meet results during the season on MaxPreps and be responsible for updates as needed. This information will support statewide media, event programs, broadcasts partners and GHSA Region Standings. Teams are encouraged to maintain team/individual statistics on MaxPreps.
  5. Playing dates:
    1. Schools have a maximum of 18 playing dates regardless of whether or not it is a tournament format or head-to-head competition (each day of a tournament equals one playing date). Region/Area and State playoffs are not counted as part of the allotted playing dates.
    2. An invitational tournament is defined as five (5) or more schools competing in a single or double elimination format that leads to a champion being declared. The use of pool play is acceptable.
    3. The maximum number of days for an invitational tournament is two (2) days.
    4. No school shall enter any tournament unless it has been approved by the GHSA Executive Director.
    1. In accordance with National Federation rules, the use of artificial noisemakers shall be prohibited.
    2. Display of signs (larger than 8.5 x 11 inches) in the stands is not allowed during regular season or post season competition.
    3. Competitors must stay in uniform while in the competitive area.
    4. All varsity Region/Area Volleyball matches shall be officiated by at least two (2) officially-dressed volleyball official who are registered under the GHSA plan for the registration of officials.
      1. The host school must provide certified Line Judges (18 years old or older) who have completed the Line Judge Course at learn.ghsa.net at all Region/Area varsity matches.
      2. The host school must provide an adult (21 years old or older) to maintain the official scorebook and libero tracker sheet at all Region/Area varsity matches, who have completed the scorekeeper and libero tracker course at learn.ghsa.net.
    5. Each school will have a contract with an officials association for regular season matches, play days and invitational tournaments. The host school will be billed by the official’s association for all of the officiating fees for these games, including travel.
    6. In accordance with National Federation rules, teams may use multi-colored balls in the regular season and post-season competitions.
    7. One coach (head or assistant) may stand in the libero replacement zone to coach his/her team during play.
    8. Schools may have tryouts that are limited to a maximum of five consecutive school days between May 1 and the last day students are in school. Students participating must be academically eligible and enrolled at that school or an 8th grader at a feeder school for that school.

Each Region/Area may determine its procedure for selecting and ranking its top four (4) teams for the state playoffs. The Region/Area may use regular season records and not have a Region/Area Tournament. The Region/Area may choose to have either a single-elimination (best 3 of 5) or a double-elimination (best 2 of 3) tournament with schools seeded on the basis of their Region/Area records - or may allow schools to play a non-Region/Area schedule and then be seeded into the Region/Area Tournament. That choice must be submitted to the Region or GHSA Volleyball Area Coordinators before the first competition date of the regular season.

  1. All finances (including officials’ game fees and travel) will be the responsibility of the Region/Area.
  2. Region ticket prices are set by the Region. Area ticket prices are to be set at $6.00.
  3. The GHSA will receive 5% of the gross gate receipts.
  4. Results of each Region/Area Tournament must be entered in the GHSA MIS system within 24 hours of the completion of the event, but no later than 9:00 a.m., Monday immediately following the Region/Area Tournament.

The State Volleyball playoffs will consist of five (5) rounds of dual matches. The first three (3) rounds will be held at the site of the higher-seeded team, with the semifinals and championships to be held at neutral sites. (NOTE: A GHSA “universal” coin flip will be held in the event same-seeded teams meet in any round.)

  1. All playoff matches will be a best-of-five, single-elimination format and played on:
    1. A full court that is free of overhead obstructions (including an overhead scoreboard).
    2. A court that is equitable in spacing on both sidelines and endlines.
    3. A court that is free of obstructions coming into play such as walls, bleachers, benches, etc.
    4. A court that provides adequate lighting.
  2. The seeding for the playoffs will be determined by a team’s finish in region/area competition or tournament.
  3. Finances for all classes through the Quarterfinal Round will be handled as follows:
    1. Admission fee for the First and Second Rounds is $10.00 per day. Admission fee for the Quarterfinals is $12.00.
    2. The GHSA will receive 12% of the gross gate receipts.
    3. Officials’ fees will be taken from the gross gate receipts and paid by the host school.
    4. The visiting team will be paid mileage at the GHSA-approved rate.
    5. Any residual funds will be split between the teams.
    6. The host school will be entitled to all concession funds.
  4. Finances for the Semifinal and Championship matches shall be handled as follows:
    1. Ticket prices are TBD and will be published on the GHSA web site.
    2. The gate receipts will be sent to the GHSA office.
      1. GHSA will retain 12% of the gross receipts.
      2. GHSA will pay the officials.
      3. Any funds remaining will be disbursed to the competing teams.
  5. The number of free admissions for “traveling parties” of participating teams at playoff contests shall be a maximum of 20 players and team essential personnel. Coaches will be admitted with GHSA coaching passes.
  6. Line Judges will be supplied by the various officials’ associations for all post-season matches.
  7. Pep bands with a maximum of 15 members and one (1) adult school personnel member may be allowed. If the home team allows its pep band to attend, it shall also allow the visiting team’s pep band to attend.
  8. A maximum of twenty (20) cheerleaders in uniform will be allowed.