Contributing Officials Honored at SEC Meeting

Key contributors to the GHSA officiating scene were honored at the State Executive Committee meeting on May 4 at the Thomaston-Upson County Civic Center. Bob Earwood, who has spent 46 years officiating or working with officials for the GHSA, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the NFHS, while 14 others received "Contributor to the Cause in Officiating" citations for 2021-22.

Officials were recognized for contributions in the following sports: Football (Patrick Ingram), Softball (Al Dattolo), Volleyball (Wayne Pinkham), Flag Football (David Reynolds), Cheerleading (Lynda Martin), Basketball (Darrell Lane), Wrestling (Shawn Fields), Soccer (Justin Russell), Lacrosse (Michael Hannah), Swimming & Diving (Neal McKinney), Dance (Colbie Wilson), Baseball (Rick Elrod), Gymnastics (Amy Eubanks) and Multi-Sport (Andy Coward).

Pictured above L to R: Neal McKinney, Justin Russell, Colbie Wilson, Amy Eubanks, Al Dattolo, David Reynolds, Bob Earwood, Darrell Lane, Dr. Robin Hines, Rick Elrod, Andy Cowart & Patrick Ingram (Not in photo: Wayne Pinkham, Lynda Martin, Shawn Fields, Michael Hannah)

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