Football Weekly 'Blast' for August 20

What an opening to the show, approximately 150 games, Corky Kell in three places, and severe weather scattered all over Georgia on Friday Night.  We have some great teams and great athletes that we hope you get to enjoy working with.

Some observations:

We must do a better job of players wearing their uniform properly, with pads where they should be.  I noticed when I told officials to enforce the rule and send them off, the players were quickly back out there ready to play, more with shirts and/or under shirts hanging down over the pants, than with knee pads.  Some of these tall athletes are going to be constant in not having their knees covered, but we have to keep on keeping on.

We must do a better job of keeping coaches off the field and especially their coordinators.  Remember if he calls you over a bunch to talk, that telling him the next time will be a charged timeout should help.  We want to be approachable but not to the point that the coaches are on the field at the numbers.  Because the other coach will do this if he sees his opponent getting away with it, and you have lost control of the game.

We all have to make certain that ALL of our Referees know that all scheduled games must be played to a conclusion, if not that night, then the teams need to decide when they will finish the game prior to leaving the field.  There is not a curfew or a time limit for cumulative lightning delay.  Only exception is if the trailing team concedes the game.  After this weekend, GHSA has learned for the Referee to get this in writing.  If two teams are tied they cannot decide to leave it a tie, either after a regulation game or after a rain stoppage.  Do not let the coaches tell you that they don't have to finish for any reason other that the losing team conceding.  Power Rankings in three classifications have made this imperative.

Several associations worked seven person crews last week, and I would appreciate feedback from you on how the crews thought that it went.  No smoke blowing, just tell their impressions.

About half of the associations have already sent their games in for this weekend, the rest of you get them in by Tuesday afternoon, please.  Most of you were very timely in texting in scores last Friday, fixed two that the score gathers had the wrong team winning.  Please remember to do this each week.  Thanks for your help.


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