GHSA Revisits Use of Tiebreaker in Lieu of Third Set

Several coaches have pointed out that the USTA allows the use of a 7-point or 10-point tiebreaker in lieu of a full third set when the first two sets have been split. Since the GHSA Constitution is silent on this specific issue for regular-season or region/area tournament play, we have decided to allow this format to be used.

We expect a proposal to be made at the Fall State Executive Committee meeting to address this issue directly in the Constitution. But, until then, we will simply bow to the USTA in this matter and allow this practice for regular-season and region/area tournament play ONLY. 

All state playoff matches still must play best-of-three full sets, using only the 7-point tiebreaker at the end of each set, as specified in Item "B" on page 81 of the GHSA Constitution.

Sorry for any confusion about this issue. It simply has never come up prior to this season.

We still remind you that no individual player may appear in more than two (2) best-of-three matches in any given day. We go by the limit in Table 8 of the USTA rules that says no singles player in 14s, 16s or 18s can play in more than two “main draw” singles matches per day.

If you have any questions about these policies, or any other tennis matter, please contact Tennis Coordinator Steve Figueroa ( or 706-647-7473, ext. 26.

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