GHSA SAAC Honored by the Georgia Legislature

On February 13, 2019, members of the GHSA SAAC were in attendance at the Georgia Capitol.  SAAC member Caroline Cammack delivered the following remarks on the House floor:

Hello and good morning! Thank you Speaker Ralston and all of you for having us today.

My name is Caroline Cammack and I am a senior at Norcross High School.

As a member of the student athletic advisory council, myself along with all of the other students in these bright blue shirts serve in an advisory capacity for the Georgia High School Association, we also serve as a voice for all student-athletes across the state.

This council is made up of 19 students from various parts of Georgia.  

We are all athletes and leaders in our own schools. Some of us play football, soccer, tennis, run track. The list goes on.  

As student leaders, it is our job to promote sportsmanship within our schools, among other schools, and with administrators and officials.

This year, we have discussed the importance of leadership on and off the field or court and how to grow the population of athlete leaders at our schools.

As of right now, we are currently in the process of planning our big leadership conference that will be held in May.

At this conference, athletes from all over Georgia will come together in Macon to learn more about leadership. We will have keynote speakers and workshops designed to each teach different skills that will help the athletes become better leaders.

Thank you so much again for having us!


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