Girls State Wrestling Tournament Guidelines

GHSA Girls State Wrestling Championship

Procedures and Guidelines

The girls will have an All Classification State Championship with ten (10) weight classes as outlined below:
                            Girls' weight classes for girls-only tournaments shall be as follows:
                                       095 lbs.            126 lbs.            156 lbs.             176 lbs.
                                       106 lbs.            136 lbs.            166 lbs.             225 lbs.
                                       116 lbs.            146 lbs.

  • The girls will wrestle as a member of the school team through the Region/Area Traditional Tournament. Schools may choose to have an all-girls team participate in a competition but it will count as one of the school's twenty (20) playing dates.
  • The girl wrestlers will have a competition at each sectional tournament to assist with the seeding for the GHSA Girls State Tournament. Girls who qualify for the GHSA Traditional Sectional Tournament must decide which sectional (Traditional or Girls') they will participate in. All other girls will qualify for the Girls' Sectional Tournament.
  • The girls' sectional tournaments results will assist with the seeding of the Girls State Championship. A seeding meeting will be held on Sunday, February 10, 2019 at 2:00 pm, to determine the final seeding for the State Championship.
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