Hudl Is Taking Your Stats to a New Level in 2017

Last year, several teams in Georgia participated in our Hudl Assist program where we breakdown your football games for you - it was a huge success. For the 2017 season, we are taking it to a new level and offering you three unlimited package offerings.

Statistics have taken an increased role in coaches’ game plans over the past few seasons. Staffs comb through the stats to try and unearth any trends, patterns or numbers that might give them an edge over their opponent.

We’ve always worked to provide revealing statistics, but this year we’re taking those reports to a whole new level. Hudl Assist users now get exclusive access to additional layers of data, which now include revamped tendency reports, interactive box scores and our brand new drive charts. 

We are offering three different unlimited packages for you this year - Buy today!
1) 2017 Game Video Only ($300 unlimited)
2) 2017 Scout Video Only ($800 unlimited)
3) 2017 Game and Scout Video ($1000 unlimited)

Remember, you can easily export stats and upload to and spend more time planning next week's game, not stating last week's game!

Hudl Assist is an add-on service only available to Hudl Football subscribers.  Sign-up here

Contact: Jason Aldridge, Georgia Hudl Sales Rep,

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