Information Regarding Entering Divers Into the State Championship Meet

The deadline for entering your divers is drawing near very quickly. Remember, this year you will be entering your divers into the system at yourself...YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND ME THEIR STATE SHEETS. If your diver was in the meet last year then he/she already has a user ID # and password. You should have received that from me last summer. If you did not, email me at and I will get it to you. You also need to register yourself as a coach. For the divers, go into their accounts and change their passwords AND their email addresses (I would recommend to change it to your own because that's where all the confirmations will go to). You will also need to change their coach as last year I put myself down to make the entering process easier. For those of you with underclassmen, when you do this next year you can then long into your own account and enter all of your divers much easier than going into each account to do it. When you put yourself down as the coach you are linked.

If you are registering a new diver you will register them in "Georgia High School Association." The next page will then allow you to pick your school and coach. If you have a new diver to your school but they have competed in USA Diving in the past they will most likely already have an account. If they dove in the Championship Meet for the Greater Atlanta Diving League (GADL) last summer, they definitely have a user ID and password (I have those, too, if you need it). Either get their ID# and password from them or ask them to go into their profile and add Georgia High School Association to their list of association and add you as their coach. Again, this will allow you to go into your own profile and enter the diver. YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND ME A DIVER REGISTRATION FORM FROM LAST YEAR. Just register the diver yourself.

Once you get to the point where you can enter the diver into the meet you will be on the "pool deck." There you will select which meet you are to compete in. If there is a problem when entering in the dives, the mistake will be made known to you in red on the form when you try to click on enter. It will tell you what you need to do to fix it.

Remember, the deadline to enter and make any changes online is on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 1ST AT 4 P.M. After that the system will lock and not allow any entries. Do not send me your entry after that time as I can not accept it. If you have any dive changes after February 1st you will need to email them to me at The deadline for changes is THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 9TH AT 4 P.M. Any changes you email to me WILL NOT be reflected on Dive sheets and line-ups will be posted on the pool deck the day of the meet.

If you have any questions regarding the State Meet entries, please email me at

Vicky Sanchez Tuymer
GHSA State Diving Coordinator

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