Meadowcreek Pioneers New HS Ticketing Method

Meadowcreek High School has announced that it is implementing a Card & Mobile Payment Only ticketing policy, one of the first high schools in the country to launch this innovative fan solution. Fans are able to purchase tickets online through Meadowcreek’s GoFan page or by presenting a debit/credit card (or mobile payment option) at the ticket gate.

The new ticketing policy allows Meadowcreek to operate a more efficient and professional ticketing gate while creating an enhanced fan experience. “By leveraging GoFan’s technology, our administration has greater visibility to ticket sales across campus. We’re able to reduce our event personnel expenses and provide our fans a professional event experience,” said Dr. Tommy Welch, Meadowcreek’s Principal. Meadowcreek joins numerous professional venues offering a similar policy, including Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. 

Meadowcreek implemented and tested the policy last winter at events across their campus, including the 7-AAAAAAA basketball region tournament. “Initially there was a little anxiety with our staff and visiting teams, but overall it was a smooth transition and one we embraced. As we analyzed our year-over-year revenue, we generated as much, if not more revenue for most of our events,” added Meadowcreek’s athletic director, Dr. LaShawn Smith.

The new method was made possible with GoFan, a high school ticketing and transaction solution. GoFan, based in Alpharetta, works with more than 10,000 high schools nationwide,  200 schools in Georgia and manages ticketing for GHSA post season events. GoFan CEO, Jeff Cravens, believes Meadowcreek’s new ticketing operation will be a growing trend across the country, “Meadowcreek is on the forefront of a growing trend in high school ticketing and payment solutions. Schools are searching for ways to provide more payment options for fans and an improved reconciliation for cash.”

Huddle Tickets, parent company of GoFan, has been serving high schools since 2001 by providing free general admission tickets and has saved schools over $100 million. Huddle works with 10,000 schools annually on this program and partners with regional and national sponsors to deliver added value offers to fans.

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