Special Offer from New Balance Tennis

One of the biggest advancements NB Tennis will showcase in the upcoming months is the launch of the NB Team website, where we are looking to simplify the ordering process for teams of all levels. This site, which officially launches in November, will allow teams to select optimal colors, personalize logos for team names, as well as the ability to add player names. In addition to these great options, in working with NB, we will be able to customize a package of selected tennis, training, and running footwear and apparel needed for your team or players throughout the year.

Our goal is to take a process that can be sometimes difficult to navigate, and provide a one stop shop for all team items and select styles from the NB line. As an introduction to this site and these programs, NB Tennis is sending this special to offer all member schools a 40% discount on all product in the links below! These links will expire next Friday, November 11th.

Men’s Shoes & Apparel collection

Women’s Shoes & Apparel collection 

Youth Tennis Court Shoes 


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