Weather-Related Information for Wrestling Tournaments

Greetings everyone.  Hope your community and you are safe after the severe weather this week.  We know some schools took a direct hit and we need to keep everyone in our prayers.
In an effort to get all school that qualified for the Preliminaries, the opportunity to participate, the following information is to assist in the process.

Dual Wrestling Preliminary Tournaments:

  • Due to weather issues from Thursday and Friday, some schools have cancelled school and are without power.
  • If a school in your preliminary tournament can not wrestle Friday or Saturday, the Preliminary Tournament should be postponed to Monday, January 16th.
  • If girls tournaments are postponed Friday, hosts may work with all schools involved and reschedule for Saturday, if possible.
  • Schools that are not allowed to practice along with schools in that Dual Preliminary Tournament will receive +1 pound.
  • The host school should be notified all other schools involved, ASAP.
  • If Preliminaries are postponed until Monday, the Host school should contact Don Corr for instructions and weigh allowances.
  • This is a GHSA event and any school that decides not to participate should notify Don Corr, immediately if you have not done so already.

Dual Wrestling Seeding Committee:

  • Seeding Committee will reschedule their meeting if necessary until Tuesday in an effort to allow wrestling all day Monday.
  • The same Seeding Criteria and State Dual Information sent yesterday is appropriate.
  • All State Dual Championship requirements for qualifying schools was included with the Seeding Criteria.


Don Corr
Associate Director

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