Weekly Cheerleading 'Blast' for October 21

Spirit & Comp. Cheerleading

Just a reminder -- the SAAC and the GHSA is sponsoring Officials Appreciation Week this week. https://www.ghsa.net/officials-appreciation-week-ghsa-student-advisory-council It is a thankless job- please take this week to do something for the officials at games and competitions.

The final deadline to take the rules clinic for cheerleading has passed. If you took the rules clinic at any time (in August or October) you are good to go! It is the same clinic.

Comp. Cheerleading

For some reason, we are having issues as to where our coaches can stand during the routine. It is written in the manual on page 2-7.

           We expect both coaches and officials to demonstrate the highest respect for the position they hold.  Unsportsmanlike conduct is not a joke to be treated lightly.  As with any sport the official is in control of the competition.  Coaches and athletes are expected to follow the direction of the official.  If the coach has questions or concerns they should be addressed to the GHSA office on Monday and not immediately following competition.  At no point should the coach approach or demand to see the official after the competition has ended.  Failure to follow procedure can result in a penalty in a fine to your school up to $250.

A few notes from Pam Carter:

Please keep the following points in mind as the season proceeds:
1. Two coaches and the music person may go through warm-ups.  NO Alternates, trainers, fans or additional coaches should go through warm-ups.  Alternates, trainers, and additional coaches should remain in the stands when the competitive team is called to warm-ups.  They cannot come to the floor and sit with the two coaches. If this is occurring please report this to Penny in the GHSA office and copy to Pam.
2. The designated music person is just that. This person is there to remain in the music area and guide the DJ in playing the music.  They must remain at this area to address any issues that may come up with the music.  We have stated in past emails that if the music person is not at the table an automatic delay of meet will be called.  They are not a coach and should not be coaching the team during the routine.  At no point should the person assigned to play the music approach the mat or leave the designated area for music.  The safety official can request they return to the music area if they approach the mat.
3. It is vital that we understand that the official is in control of safety of the arena and the team.  If they ask a coach to please move from an area or the music person to remain at the music table, the coach or music person should respond by doing so.  At no time should they refuse to follow the direction of the official.  All such incidences would be immediately reported to the GHSA Director and Coordinator.  Such incidences can result in a coach being ejected from a gym just as it could happen in any other sport.  We do not mind if the coach stands, cheers the team on, or shouts spirit/coaching directions to a team but we do mind if they demonstrate disrespect of officials.  Officials are asked to report any incidences in writing to Penny and Pam. 

We had a team with 17 go on the floor this past weekend.  The Head Judge reported it to the GHSA and the team was disqualified.  Please make sure you are counting correctly.  This was the first time this team had competed this season.  It is the responsibility of all coaches to read the manual, the Constitution (Cheer section), and know the procedures and rules of competition.


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