Attention: Cross Country Coaches - 2014 Championships

The weather for Saturday’s early races at the State Meet may be colder than the runners have experienced this year. Here are a few uniform reminders for your attention:

  • Any undergarments must be of a single, solid color- if the athlete wears more than one layer of undergarments, all must be of the same color.
  • Undergarment top and/or bottom do not have to be the same color.
  • Each team member shall wear the same color and design of school uniform. If undergarments are worn by two or more team members, all undergarments must be worn of the same color and design.
  • Undergarments are restricted to one logo per piece of clothing….If two logos are visible, the undergarmet becomes illegal.
  • Gloves are permitted.
  • Arm sleeves are permitted, if they are of a single, solid color and unadorned.
  • Beanies, toboggans, ear covers are permitted if of a single color, unadorned (one logo only).
  • Socks are not a part of the uniform.
  • Athletes must wear assigned numbers, unaltered and clearly visible.
  • All other rules regarding uniforms are applicable in the State Championships. See the GHSA Constitution and By-Laws for clarifications.
  • GHSA jewelry regulations are in effect for the State Cross Country Championships. 


NOTE: The use of wrist watches with GPS capability is illegal. The penalty for this violation is DISQUALIFICATION.

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