Basketball Weekly 'Blast' for Dec. 14


Please ensure your membership receives the information in these “Weekly Blasts” throughout the season in an effort to consistently address the issues observed during GHSA games.

  1. OFFICIAL SCORER – The host school must provide an official score for each game, and that individual is required to WEAR a black/white stripped official’s shirt.  If the host school does not have one, they should request one from the local association covering their regular season games. Go to the host school Game Manager and notify him/her that failure to comply will result in starting the game with a technical foul charged to the host school.  Repeat offenses of this rule will result in extended penalties to the guilty school for non-compliance of an NFHS/GHSA playing rule.
  2. COVID-19 RULES MODIFICATIONS FO TEAMS – Team bench areas must comply with one of these two options:
  1. Bench seating shall be physically spaced a minimum of 6 feet, and may not extend beyond the end line.
  2. If bench seating is NOT physically spaced a minimum of 6 feet, ALL team personnel must wear a face covering.
  3. Communicate with the host school Game Manager if modifications are witnessed.  It is their responsibility to adhere to the protocol.
  4. If schools are not observing either (a) or (b), and the Game Manager does not correct the issue, a “Game Report” shall be submitted.
  1. COVID-19 RULES MODIFICATIONS FOR GAME OFFICIALS – Game officials MUST comply with the following:
  1. Game officials shall wear a face covering or a whistle covering during the games.
  2. Game officials shall wear a face covering when addressing a coach, player, or table personnel. If using only a whistle covering officials shall not stand closer than 6-feet when addressing anyone during the game.
  1. PRE-GAME WARM UP PERIOD – By rule; teams shall have a minimum (15) minutes for warm up activity. That time period shall start when both teams are in the arena in uniform.  This includes when a visiting school is experiencing travel time difficulties.  If a school has not contacted the host school concerning an excessive delay for travel problems the game shall be terminated and a forfeit issued after a 30-minute delay. But, be flexible and don’t jump at the chance to forfeit a game.
  2. 30-SECOND SHOT CLOCK – In the event that the shot clock is being administered, the device operator MUST be certified through the GHSA Shot Clock Certification Program on the GHSA website.
  3. GHSA PASSES – The 2020-21 GHSA Pass shall be accepted at ALL GHSA sanctioned events, unless schools do not allow spectators or have met their respective school system spectator number limit. But, if the school is allowing spectators to enter they must also allow current year GHSA passes.
  4. EJECTIONS – Per GHSA By-Law 2.72 (a) an ejection cannot be reviewed nor reversed once it has been assessed and submitted on a Game Report.  Make sure an ejection is warranted, but if it is take care of it.
  5. TEAM FOUL COUNT - Remember the new team foul count rule by quarter instead of the half. Explain this in detail to the scorer.

Thank you for all you do for the GHSA and our member schools, but we must adhere to the COVID-19 modifications this season if we want to do all we can to ensure we complete the season.

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