Basketball 'Weekly Blast' for Jan. 16


Please ensure to circulate the information in these “Weekly Blasts” throughout the season in an effort to regularly address the issues observed during GHSA games.

SHOT CLOCK – Any additional questions concerning the Shot Clock please contact Andy Cowart, GHSA Basketball Rules Liaison ( The Shot Clock operator must be singularly dedicated to the operation of the shot clock and cannot have other responsibilities during the game, i.e. statistician, game management, security, etc.. If a host school does not have such an individual, they must contract one through their local officiating association.

SPORTSMANSHIP – The fact that we continue to make this a “Point of Emphasis” is due to the fact that unsporting behavior is out of control. Coaches must understand, if you are not able to control the behavior of your players, and yourself in many cases, you leave no other option than for the officials to control it.

NOTE: Warnings are not required if the act is deemed severe enough to assess an unsporting technical foul.

SCOREBOOK – (a) The “referee” is required to write the game officials’ names in the scorebook prior to the start of the game.  (b) Rule 3.2.2c deals with errors submitted in the “official” scorebook. After the “referee” has checked the scorebook at the 10-minute mark prior to the start of the game, to change a player’s number is a violation and an administrative technical foul shall be assessed to the guilty team.

SPORTSMANSHIP RULE – The GHSA Sportsmanship Rule for basketball is outlined on page 49 of the White Book in item E. In accordance with National Federation rule options, when there is a competitive imbalance between teams, the second half of a game may be reduced to six (6) minute quarters, while using normal timing/scoring rules when:

 (a) The point differential at halftime is thirty (30) points or greater, and the coach of the trailing team wishes to have the quarters reduced.

(b) The point differential at the beginning of the fourth (4th) quarter is thirty (30) points or greater, the reduction will be invoked automatically.

REGION TOURNAMENTS – The school(s) hosting their respective region tournaments are required to contact the local officiating association that contracts their regular season games.

MAXPREPS – Remember schools are required to submit game schedules and game results on MaxPreps.  Rosters and statistics are requested.

MEDIA TIMEOUTS – We will continue the weekly “Media Timeouts” throughout the season on the GHSA website.

Happy New Year to all and Good Fortune!

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