Basketball 'Weekly Blast' for Nov. 14


Please ensure to circulate the information in these “Weekly Blasts” throughout the season in an effort to regularly address the issues observed during GHSA games.

SHOT CLOCK – This is the 3rd year of our roll-in for use of the Shot Clock in varsity level contests.  Keep in mind the following:

  • Use of a Shot Clock is mandatory at all varsity level contests.  Failure to have an operable device, or alternate device, shall result in the host school being assessed an “administrative” technical foul to start each quarter. NOTE: The Shot Clock may be used at the sub-varsity level if agreed upon prior to the day of competition.
  • The Shot Clock operator shall be a separate individual from the Game Clock operator and 21 years of age or older.
  • The Shot Clock operator may be contracted through the local officiating association or an individual assigned by the host school. If contracted through the local officiating association the fee is ½ the game fee, plus part of the travel fee expense for the officiating crew.
  • The Shot Clock operator must complete the “Shot Clock Protocol” certification on the GHSA website.
  • The Shot Clock will be used throughout the State Tournament


Play #1 - Team A commits a traveling violation. Team B gets the ball out of bounds for a throw in and 34 seconds are visible on the game clock. We would typically turn the shot clock off. However if Team B inbounds the ball and attempts a quick shot and Team B gets the rebound with greater than 25 seconds on the game clock then the shot clock must be reset with 25 seconds on the shot clock.

Play # 2 - The girls’ game starts with the shot clock working perfectly. In the second quarter the shot clock stops working. Have the school provide a backup device which could be a stop watch. There would be no technical fouls in the third and fourth periods because when the game started the shot clocks were working perfectly. When the boys’ game starts there would be no technical fouls for a failed shot clock.

Play #3 - The shot clock starts on a throw in when the ball is legally touched inbounds by either team. The shot clock starts on a rebound when the ball is possessed.

Any additional questions concerning the Shot Clock please contact Andy Cowart, GHSA Basketball Rules Liaison (

SPORTSMANSHIP – As you are all aware “unsporting behavior” was at an all-time high last season.  This must be controlled this season by someone other than the game officials.  Administrators and security personnel are expected to address and control behavioral expectations of coaches and spectators, and coaches must do the same with their staff and players. If this trend in “bad behavior” continues, we will continue to see a decline in officiating registration numbers, and as a result, games not being able to be scheduled.  Effective immediately and throughout the season, the host site Game Administrator and Resource Officer/Security Officer will be required to attend the pre-game Coaches meeting with the game officials at the 3-minute mark prior to the start of the game(s).

EVENT SANCTIONING – If you plan to schedule a contest(s) in a tournament (in state or out of state), please check the GHSA website to ensure that event(s) has received “approved” sanctioning. Participation in a non-sanctioned event will result in penalties and possible fines.

MAXPREPS – Remember schools are required to submit game schedules and game results on MaxPreps.  Rosters and statistics are requested.

MEDIA TIMEOUTS – We will continue the weekly “Media Timeouts” throughout the season on the GHSA website. The first edition will be on Wednesday, November 29.

Good Fortune!

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