Basketball Weekly 'Blast' for Nov. 15


Please ensure you circulate the information in these “Weekly Blasts” throughout the season in an effort to consistently address the issues observed during GHSA games.

SPORTSMANSHIP – Basketball is a great game when four relevant things take place.

  1. Officials “officiate” the game
  2. Player “play” the game
  3. Coaches “coach” the game
  4. Spectators “support” their teams

When there are problems during the game, it is usually due to individuals trying to do something that is someone else’s responsibility. Through the first weekend of play the GHSA Office has already received 22 Game Reports for unsporting acts, including seven ejections.

END OF GAME PROCEDURE –Team handshakes at the conclusion of the game will not take place. This is more of a sportsmanship issue than a COVID observation.  During the pre-COVID 2020-21 season, we had 17 fighting incidents that took place during the post-game player handshake.  A simple wave or nod acknowledgement will work as a show of good sportsmanship.

JUMP BALL – While the “jump ball procedure” to start the game, and any subsequent overtime period, is back this season I would like feedback from coaches and officials as to whether you liked what we used last season.  There is some traction at the National level to eliminate the jump ball permanently.

ZERO TOLERANCE – As pre-warned there is a “Zero Tolerance” for profanity, taunting, and assistant coaches standing or complaining during games.  Also, I have been asked “why didn’t I get a warning” prior to being ejected? If the contest officials deem the unacceptable action to be egregious enough a warning is not required. Everyone needs to understand the difference between “communication” and “confrontation”.

SHOT CLOCK – The shot clock device shall have a sound/horn that is easily distinguishable from that of the game clock horn.  There have been issues concerning this policy already. Keep in mind many of these clocks are new to the school and the officials. If there is a concern by the officials then play the game using the shot clock if agreed upon and relay any concerns to your local association and onto the GHSA office.

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