Basketball Weekly 'Blast' for Nov. 26

GHSA basketball memo:

1. You must pay attention to the PA announcer. Several schools have this person announcing things outside what is allowed. Please print the linked document and take a copy of it to present to the game manager and PA announcer. Continue this process until Dec. 31 – by doing this we will ensure that each school has a copy.

2. You must provide complete information when turning in a game report – this includes player’s number and name and school. For coaches include name and title and school. Over 50% of game reports so far don’t include complete information. This means additional work on the part of the GHSA. INCLUDE ALL NEEDED INFORMATION.

3. If something occurs that is “out of the ordinary” the crew needs to come together before reporting it to the table and get the penalty correct. Now you are saying “what is the definition of out of the ordinary?” That could differ from game to game. Here are some extremes from easy to extra difficult. A1 is dribbling and walking the ball up the court and stops the dribble and continues to walk so that a traveling violation occurs. An official blows the whistle and calls a traveling violation. I certainly don’t think this requires any meeting of the officials. This kind of call happens many times and it is just not complicated. Here is an example of extra difficult. Late in the game A1 slaps B1 during a live ball – whistle sounds – B1 then punches A1 – Bench A personnel all come onto court while 3 members of Team B’s bench come onto court. Then A14 punches an official. Believe me – you MUST come together for a meeting in this type of situation. The reason to meet is to get the penalty correct before you go to the table.

4. Remember – live ball illegal contact CANNOT be a technical foul. Live ball illegal contact MUST be a personal foul. This distinction is very important.


Andy Cowart
GHSA Basketball Liaison
(478) 457-7195

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