Basketball 'Weekly Blast' for Nov. 28


Please ensure to circulate the information in these “Weekly Blasts” throughout the season in an effort to regularly address the issues observed during GHSA games.

SHOT CLOCK – NOTE: If the shot clock malfunctions, or is deemed inoperable, the host school must have a “back-up” timing device and an operator to start a countdown @ 10-seconds of the possession.  Failure to have a back-up device shall warrant the technical foul protocol.

Any additional questions concerning the Shot Clock please contact Andy Cowart, GHSA Basketball Rules Liaison (

SPORTSMANSHIP – Unfortunately we have to continue to address “unsporting behavior”.  After only 10 days of the regular season there have already been 200+ Game Reports for technical fouls and 40+ of which resulted in ejections.  This must be controlled this season by someone other than the game officials.  Administrators and security personnel are expected to address and control behavioral expectations of coaches and spectators, and coaches must do the same with their staff and players.

This policy was implemented on November 6:  Effective immediately and throughout the season, the host site Game Administrator and Resource Officer/Security Officer will be required to attend the pre-game Coaches meeting with the game officials at the 3-minute mark prior to the start of the game(s). For schools that do not employ Resource or Security Officers for home games, the responsibility of host school game administration falls completely on the shoulders of the on-site Game Manager.

  • A point of emphasis last season was the “Zero Tolerance” for assistant coaches verbally or visibly complaining about officiating and standing during live ball play.  I have already received numerous Game Report with technical fouls assessed to assistant coaches.
  • A “warning” is not mandatory prior to assessing a technical foul if the behavior is beyond acceptable behavior.
  • Profanity by a player or coach is an “automatic” technical foul regardless of who is addressed to.
  • During a fight, or potential fight, it is the responsibility of the coaches to control players and it is the responsibility of Game Administration to control spectator behavior.  Any bench player that enters the court shall be ejected and adhere to the penalties of the ejections.

EVENT SANCTIONING – If you plan to schedule or play in contest(s)  in a tournament (in state or out of state), please check the GHSA website to ensure that event(s) has received “approved” sanctioning. Participation in a non-sanctioned event will result in penalties and possible fines. For sanctioning information contact Tanya Anderson, GHSA Event Sanctioning Coordinator (

MAXPREPS – Remember schools are required to submit game schedules and game results on MaxPreps.  Rosters and statistics are requested.

MEDIA TIMEOUTS – We will continue the weekly “Media Timeouts” throughout the season on the GHSA website. The first edition will be on Wednesday, November 30.

Good Fortune!

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