Clarification: No 'Extra' Matches are Allowed!

There have been calls to the GHSA office requesting clarification of By-Law 2.62 (item e-6) on page 36 of the GHSA Constitution as it pertains to the sport of tennis. This by-law forbids any “open” or exhibition matches, such as allowing “extra” players to play each other outside of the GHSA adopted format of three (3) singles and two (2) doubles matches. 

The ONLY way it is legal to play more than three (3) singles and two (2) doubles matches against an opponent is if you and your opponent designate those “extra” matches to count as one of the allowed 13 JV matches. Otherwise, the extra matches are illegal and schools will be penalized for this practice.

Please contact GHSA Tennis Coordinator Steve Figueroa ( if you need further clarification.

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