Bass Fishing




  1. Bass Fishing is a state championship co-ed event open to all GHSA schools in all classifications.
  2. Notification of entry in Bass Fishing must be filed with the GHSA office by March 1 for the next school year.
  3. The Bass Fishing State Championship will be held in the Spring of each year. The first of four regional qualifier will begin in January of each year.
  4. The GHSA is partnering with MLF/TBF to oversee and manage the Regional Qualifiers and State Championship Fishing Tournament.
  5. Sites for Competition- the GHSA/MLF/TBF shall make the determination of the region competition sites. Schools interested in hosting may submit a request.
  6. There is no limit to the number of students each school can have on their team roster.
  7. Each school may enter up to six boats in each regional competition. Schools can enter boats into multiple GHSA regional competitions.
  8. The top 15 boats from each regional advance to the state championship. One additional boat will advance from each regional for every 10 boats that compete over a minimum of 100 boats in the regional. Boats will advance to the state championship from the first event in which they qualified. If a boat has already qualified for the state championship, the next eligible boat will advance.
  9. There is no limit of State Championship qualifiers from a member school.
  10. Each boat may have up to four student contestants, only two of which may be in the boat at any one time, assigned from the team’s roster.
  11. No student may be assigned to more than one boat.


  1. All participating students must be submitted for eligibility through the GHSA office. Each school shall enter all GHSA eligible students on the electronic roster. This roster may be revised throughout the regular season and shall serve all roster purposes in these rules.
  2. All member schools participating must abide by the GHSA policy requiring the HEAD COACH to be a certified employee. All Volunteers and Boat Captains are not required to be certified employees.
  3. For more rules, policies, and registration information, please go to