Flag Football

Last Updated: Mon, 07/08/2024 - 10:13am



  1. Girls’ Flag Football is a state championship event organized on an Area basis in four (4) divisions with eight (8) areas in each division, playing during the late Fall each year. Schools must indicate their desire to play Flag Football on the “Intent to Participate” by March 1 each year. NOTE: Classification and georgraphic location are factors used to create playing division placement.
  2. The maximum number of play dates allowed (not including the State Tournament) shall be 10 and one (1) invitational tournament (maximum of four (4) games).
    1. Host schools shall schedule a minimum of two (2) games each playing date.
    2. Teams shall not play more than (2) games each playing date.
    3. Teams are allowed to play (1) scrimmage/jamboree play date after the first official practice date, and prior to the first regular season game of either participating school.
    4. Beginning and ending dates are listed on the GHSA Calendar and in the front of this publication.
    5. Try-outs may be held on five (5) days anytime after May 1 and prior to the final day of school attendance with the following restrictions:
      1. The five (5) days are not required to be consecutive and schools may use a non-school facility.
      2. Limited to current enrolled students maintaining athletics eligibility for the subsequent school year (grades 9-11), and current year 8th graders (rising 9th graders).
      3. The 5th and final day of the tryout period may be used as an official jamboree event with a minimum of three (3) schools participating.
  3. Schools must enter team schedules, rosters and weekly game/meet results during the season on MaxPreps and be responsible for updates as needed. This information will support statewide media, event programs, broadcasts partners and GHSA Region Standings. Teams are encouraged to maintain team/individual statistics on MaxPreps.
  4. PLAYING RULES – Official Girls Flag Football playing rules may be found on the GHSA web site.
    1. Each area will be responsible for determining the four (4) teams advancing to the State Tournament, with sixteen (32) teams in each division advancing to the first round.
    2. In the first and secod rounds, the higher seed in each of the four-team quadrants will host two games to be played on the same date.
    3. In the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds, the higher seed will host. In the event of equal seeds matching up a universal coin toss will determine the host schools,
    4. The championship finals for each division will be played at a neutral site to be determined by the GHSA Executive Director.