Cross Country Weekly Blast for August 13

This week’s cross country information centers around the FIRST EVER ONLINE RULES CLINIC for CROSS COUNTRY.

That’s right, if you were not one of the 784 Cross Country Coaches that took the On-Line Rules Clinic, you missed out on dates, schedules, and specific rules.  

I know this is new for all involved, but we need to improve on the 79% success rate of this first year.

This also takes in consideration that 17% did not even take the On-Line Rules Clinic, and 4% of the coaches who took the On-Line Rules Clinic did so AFTER the deadline had past for completion. (BTW, you will not and did not receive credit for the clinic if you take it after the deadline).  

“Didn’t know anything about it……..” is the common response.  

Best way to make sure you don’t miss any pertinent information, especially information that may cost you some money, is to bookmark the country web site.

That website will contain all you need to know about GHSA Cross Country.

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