Football Weekly 'Blast' for August 27

Items we must continue to work on.

1.)  Players being properly equipped.  Don't just check before the game, but watch players as they come onto the field, and when they get up from the pile after a play.  Knee pads are the biggest culprit that I am seeing and hearing about.  Players must be properly equipped and wearing pads as designed by the manufacturer.  If coaches have cut them down to be smaller, then the liability is on them.  If they have the sleeve with built in knee pads, that is permissible if worn in the proper place and part of the sleeve is covered by the pants.  We want the knees covered.

2.)  Keeping coaches in the Coaches Box.  I have seen too many coaches taking up residence between the sideline and the numbers.  We want communication, however they need to ask for it in the correct way, and if it gets too frequent, ask them if they want to call a time out.  They should not be almost to the numbers calling a play, especially the coordinators.  Be cordial, but keep them off the field.  You get paid to be out there on the field, they don't.

3.)  Ejections.  If you eject a player or coach, first be certain that is what you as a referee believed was the correct thing to do, after talking with your crew.  Then there should not be any doubt in the coaches mind that the person involved was ejected, and no reason for them to call or email me saying they couldn't tell if they were just being sent off to keep from having to eject, or ejected.  BE CERTAIN  that they know.  Also, between the 6 or 7 of you that are out there, get the number right.  Finally, stand by your decision.  Do not call me and say after looking at the film it shouldn't have been an ejection.  GHSA is going to stand with you, don't let us down.

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