Football Weekly 'Blast' for September 23

  • Power Rankings: Make sure you submit your scores correctly to Max Preps so the power rankings can be accurate. 


  • Make sure your Max Prep Schedule does not include any scrimmages, only the 10 games on your regular season schedule.


  • All games must be played to completion.  It doesn’t matter if it is not the same classification, a winner must be determined.


  • The 40 Second clock is going well by all accounts. 


  • Continue with the water breaks at the 6 minute mark of all quarters. 


  • Continue to stress SPORTMANSHIP during the games, ESPECIALLY  in PRE GAME MEETINGS WITH COACHES.


  • Don’t forget to use the GHSA Official Football.  These will be used during all playoff games.



Model F1003, F1005, or GST Prime

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